Soul Shard Worthy

The suggestions in Cataclysm so far for using our precious soul shards are kind of tepid. So I put on my thinking cap to see if I can come up with better (ie, I’m making shit up so don’t get all butthurt if none of these come to pass). Again, I don’t PVP so I’m skipping all those neat PVP-centric ideas.

We only get 3 Soul Shards.. and they (probably) won’t regenerate during combat. So you only get 3 chances to use them. Blue said to think of using a soul shard kind of like using a mini-heroism. So 3 shards.. over a ~10 minute boss fight they should be approximately equivalent to something another class would use on a ~2 minute cool down (or there abouts).

So here we go.. my top 5 suggestions

5. Soul burn + {idaknow, pick something} for a /yawn PVE buff. Personal heroism(bump haste), or mad crit buff or super spellpower for 20-30 seconds(however long Heroism is). These are pretty boring but it’d be a worthwhile buff. Worth blowing a shard anyway. But totally not exciting so I’ll group all 3 into the #5 suggestion.

4. Soul burn + Demonic Teleport
Now I know they said already had one for Demonic Teleport “increases speed” yadda yadda yadda.. but if they added “increased the range for demonic Teleport to 100 yds until you drop out of combat” I’d so totally be down for that.

3. Soul burn+Soul Shatter
100% aggro drop. Seriously do I need to say more? This would be hella sexy.

2. Soul burn+Soul Stone
Now stay with me here.. you can make 1 Soul Stone every 15 minutes.. so you could only use this at most once per fight.. but Soul Burn+Soul Stone should make it so you can use a Soul Stone on someone in your raid who’s already dead. IE, Give ‘locks the other Battle Rez. I’d even be ok if this gave the rezzed person some dire debuff rez-sickness.

1. Soul Burn+Rain of Fire
When we do Lady Deathwhisper on 25s (I’ve pugged it) and I get mind controlled I get big and red and run around killing people. This always makes me giggle.. and I key up and say “I’m going to kill you all” Again.. it totally makes me giggle. So yeah. Soul Burn+Rain of Fire should make the warlock HUGE… like boss sized, and winged with puffs of evil purple/black smoke.. and should cause Rain of Fire to rain down HUGE balls of fire that leave AOE DoTs on all targets afflicted.. and um.. we should cackle evilly.. and wave jazz hands while doing it. Yeah. Totally worth a shard for that.

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  1. I like #2 a lot. As a person with a pally healer and a hunter, I can see many uses for it. If I accidentally die on trash, or on a boss, it could help prevent a wipe, with the druid battle rez, the SS we have already, and this, + the new priest thing. Don’t you think it will promote people saying “I can just get a B-Rez so who cares if I would die” well anyway great post and this makes me want to roll a lock

  2. I think all of these suggestions have merit.

    Although I will have to say that I want #1. I want it badly.
    .-= Millea´s last blog ..We met in WoW =-.

  3. #5 + Fel Armor? but yeah you’re right not particularly fun.

    #4 could be changed to when you drop the portal rather than when you teleport to it. To prevent people abusing it out of combat it could have a shorter duration.

    #3 does bring up an interesting point – what are they doing with soul shatter? On a second note does soul drain become purely a DPS spell or will it be replaced in the aff cycle.

    #2 love it

    #1 would be amusing

    I like the idea of spending a shard to remove some of the limitations of spells, could apply this to Enslave, Banish, Ritual of Summon.

    Shard + LT = Average your health / mana. If you had 100% health and 0% mana you’d end up with 50% of each. 10% health and 100% mana, you’d end up with 55% of both.

  4. I’d like Blizzard to take a page out of their own “unintended mechanics” and include something like:

    Soulburn + Corruption: Your Corruption has +10% Critical Strike chance for its duration (persists through refresh).


    Soulburn + Unstable Affliction: Your Unstable Affliction has a 15% chance to increase your Spell Power by 150 for its duration (persists through refresh).

    These would capture some of the depth of the current, albeit broken, implementation of Corruption. Depending on what the CD on Fel Flame is, it would also present an interesting decision: burn two shards at the start of the fight for Corruption and UA, keeping the former up via Haunt/SB and the latter via Fel Flame.

  5. Soul Burn + hell fire! Hell fire not only hurts you but all member of your raid.. Lowering raid wide repair bills on bad pulls. 😛

    (I know I know.. their taking hellfire sell damage away..)

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