Sparkle Pony and Spambot

Blizz made the Sparkle Pony and is selling it for $25 on the Blizzard Store. Lil’XT is $10.

1. It’s not a micro-payment. Micro-payments are tiny.. like $1 or $0.02. This is a full fledged payment. Please Intarwebs stop flapping your arms and hailing this as the beginning of the end where Blizz starts charging us for bug fixes.
2. Blizz operates in a capitalistic society. This is where it’s OK, nay encouraged, for companies to make money. Please Interwebs stop flapping your arms about how a-moral Blizz is for daring to make money. Seriously.. if you’d’ve thought of it and could make money off of it you know you so would have done it.
3. THE NERVE of those people! How dare they sell us a mount that scales and is usable on all of your toons staring at level 20 and looks cool. Yeah.. they should totally be shot. </sarcasm>
4. Lil’XT’s emotes are uber cute… I’m totally down with the train stomping shenanigans.. THAT SAID.. the bug is annoying. The whiny little voice follows you.. and is like an ice pick piercing your ear drums. I know there are bugs filed about that.. I just hope they can hotfix it soon.
5. No.. atm I don’t have either.. last night the blizz store barfed on me when I tried to complete my transaction. I’ll try again over the weekend. OH yes sparkle pony, you will be mine.

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  1. I agree with you. I think people are overeacting to the whole selling of mounts and pets in the store. They do not truly have a huge impact on the overall game and I have wanted to see some form of heirloom type mount forever simply because I hate spending money on mounts for my alts. Will I buy it? Who knows, but I definitely do not have any issues with it.

    You are also spot on that Blizzard is a corporation that must make money. They have goals that they must meet and if people are willing to spend money on optional items that does not give them an unfair advantage, then I say go ahead.

    Thank you for presenting the other side of the debate in a well thought out post.
    .-= Ruhtra´s last blog ..Holy Cataclysm =-.

  2. Speaking as a gnome, Lil’ XT is huge, maybe a smidge shorter than us. Give him a pet biscuit and he’s maybe taller than a dwarf (didn’t have one nearby to test).

  3. well I think that the mount, while amazing and I do own one, is a really really bad thing simply because their is only one, and it tends to be a rather graphic and lag inducing mount with tons of use. Within a short time these will be like heirlooms, everyone and their kids will have it, and those young folk who don’t will be left out while at the same time look much cooler with a one of a kind *normal mount* Instead of the always usable Flying Pony.

    I really hope they create many more of these online, $25 mounts, about 24 or so more, just so everyone is not riding a flying horse.

    Perferably something alot diffrent then a pegasus……like a ridable silithus bug…a flying one, that would be neat.

  4. It’s refreshing to see someone that actually grasps the concept of capitalism and economics make a valid and non-emotional opinionated response.

    The market, in the long run, will decide what it will bear. I have a feeling that if Blizzard keeps the big ticket mount items to a rare treat, future sales will be just as successful and the firestorm will even die down…for the most part. However, if they start coming too frequently, some will still buy them, but the overall popularity will decrease.

    In this economy, companies will find whatever way they can increase that profit-margin without risking their overall “health” as a viable producer of goods or services. They have employees and vendors counting on their success. To this point, business has been good, but it would be irresponsible to their employees and shareholders if they did not milk this cash cow for all that it is reasonably worth. You can go too far and damage yourself. Blizzard, though pushing the limit a little on this one, is probably still safe.

    The market will have the final word. It’s up to Blizzard to decide what their limits are. We have the remarkable power with our own resources to let them know if we approve or no.

    I “leased” the mount. I loved the XT, but I decided that at this time, the mount was all my pocket could take. It’s up to every individual to make that decision for themselves. It’s a perfectly valid choice whichever way each one chooses.

    I love capitalism.

  5. Anyone who parted with their cash for “my little pony” must be feeling like a mug now they realise its butt ugly.

    I don’t mind the odd sale but i doubt blizz will go all out on selling such mounts.

  6. As I said last night when we recorded the Twisted Nether Blogcast, it could look like the Rancor monster from Star Wars and it would still be worth the $25. Srsly. You never need to buy a mount for any of your alts EVER.

  7. “a rideable silithus bug…a flying one” !! This, this–I would love this!

  8. Have you ever heard of the phrase “slippery slope”? This is a slow, non-invasive attempt at gamer exploitation. As one blog said, it’s basically like slowly raising the heat with a frog in the pan. We are, to be fair, already halfway down the slope, and it is ALL the consumer’s fault. People are blaming it on Blizzard, when in reality they should be blaming it on people like YOU who act as apologists for the company.

    Also, it’s hilarious how people say that Blizzard is a capitalist venture and just want to make money and THEN defend Blizzard with the argument that Blizzard would never, EVER charge for items that would help you out in-game. They’re contradicting statements. ;D If Blizzard can make something from it, Blizzard WILL make money from it.

    That is all.

  9. An all too frequent canard in these discussions is that the items from the Blizzard store do not effect core gameplay.

    Since when was the gameplay of WoW or any major MMORPG reducible to the accumulation of items with stat bonuses? There are a myriad of activities in WoW that have nothing to do with end game raiding or PvP, activities like Achievements and collecting that seem to be the primary draw for the majority of the player base.

    Superficially, the store pets and mounts do confer an in-game benefit to their owners (ie the Pet/Mount collection meta-achievements).

    More insidiously though, they erode the appeal of those activities. The best pets, and now mounts, outside of rewards for high-end raid achievements and by Blizzard’s own admission come from the Blizzard store. The Hyacinth Macaw or Captured Firefly of past expansions, rare and visually interesting pets that any collector would be proud to grind for and own, will be a credit card transaction away in the future.

    Blizzard has, so far, been careful not to offer items that are otherwise achievable in game but I still think that the mere availability of these items for purchase is unwelcome monetization of an aspect of the game that was previously part of one’s subscription. If little Johnny can complete his 100 mount collection with a trip to the Blizzard store then that does, ever so slightly, affect how people in a social game view those achievements.

  10. Oh, by the by, there is ONE direct tangible advantage to these mounts, in that it’s possible to ride on them in non-flying zones and then move into a flying zone and fly away.

    That’s something NOTHING else in game has.

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