Spring Cleaning

Last night we had a great night raiding. It was 10-man ICC. We downed the lower spire and festergut/rotface in the first 90 minutes of the raid. Then we went on to down Putricide (oneshot) and Blood Princes (4-shot). Finally we downed Valithria (two shot). It was the first time I had EVER attempted Valithria. So.. good night raiding.

After the raid I decided to do some spring cleaning. It’s that time again.

Now, today (or at least this week) open up your bank/vault and look hard at what’s in there. Do you still have enchanting mats from Outland? A Fel Blossom or two? Now pop open your currency tab. Check out all those stones keeper shards.

It’s time for spring cleaning. Cataclysm is coming. Do you honestly want to be lugging all that crap around for another 5 levels? Sell it NOW before it’s all worthless (or at least before everyone else floods the market).

Last night I finally got off my touckus and cleared up my PVP situation. Yes. -I-, NIB, (who doesn’t PVP) had a pvp situation.

I popped open my currency tab and noticed I had over 2 thousand stones keeper shards. So I toddled off to Wintergrasp and spent all those shards on the PVP commendations.

Then I took all ~25k honor which I’ve accumulated since day one with any PVPing I’ve done (the occasional Wintergrasp, the odd battleground (for achievements only)).. anyway, I took the smattering of PVP honor that was just mouldering in my currency tab and all those Wintergrasp commendations to Stormwind.. and I spent them on PVP mounts.

The honor cap is 75,000. PVP mounts cost 50,000. I was able to buy 3 mounts.

As a last note I also turned in all of my stray battleground badges for their honor (they turn in guy is on the ledge looking over the room). THAT was a pain in the ass. Anyway I’m well on my way to getting the 4th mount.

Tomorrow I think I’ll figure out what to do with all 800+ of my Badges of Triumph. What -is- the best Badge sink? Gems? Wrists?

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  1. Heirlooms are a great use of badges, if you have any level of altitis. I’ve bought over 10 so far, of various types. It’s great that you can mail them to the “other” faction, these days.

    Getting a full set of i232 PVP gear will cost a few hundred badges, if you think you’ll be getting into any more PVP (which it seems like you won’t).

    Otherwise, gems or various orbs (depending on your server) are likely your best and fastest money.

  2. Purple or orange gems are your best bet. Find a JC who’ll craft the bestselling gems for cheap (Str/Crit is my personal favorite), and you can earn 20G/emblem or more without much fuss.

  3. As mentioned by Etheron, the specifics of what’s best, money-wise, to do w/ your badges will vary depending on server. (Personally, since my main is a druid, and love all aspects of the game and all specs, I’m still burning my triumph on getting various gear sets. I think I’ve probably spent about 1500 triumph on gear and heirlooms).

    However, I suspect that a good rule of thumb is that the Crusader Orbs will be the best g/triumphs on servers with a decent number of raiding guilds, pvpers and overall population. Uncut epic gems are actually even cheaper to obtain (in a time sense spent) from PVPing, btw. While you can quibble about the orange/purple/green gems, 10k honor for a red/blue/yellow is an amazing deal, and should take you at most the about the amount of time it takes to get 10 triumph (ie, half the number of badges you’d need). So… for gems, you have competition from every other person w/ lots of triumphs who thinks of that, plus from anyone who pvps a lot and needs to spend themselves down from cap, and possibly JCs (prospecting) and alchemists (transmutes). Since Runed Orbs are 18 badges, and Frozen Orbs are likely selling for much less than 2/3 the price of a Crusader orb on most servers… Crusaders will likely be the best use of your triumph.

    Again, though, do check over *all* the orbs and gems on your specific server. Something else may get you more per triumph.

  4. I’m buying every single piece of pve heirloom gear available, ready for whatever race/class I want to play in Cataclysm.

    After that I’m gonna cut a whole bunch of those SP/Haste gems. Yummy indeed! I’ll look at the market first, but definately the sooner the better.

  5. Gems, gems, gems! +Str/Crit and +Str/Haste orange, +Dodge/Stam and probably +Parry/Stam purples should sell. Pretty sure F has most of those cuts, too.

    Wish they were frost, because the answer would be “Primordial Saronites, which you would kindly bestow 22 of on your dear friend Stop.” 😉
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  6. I was looking at those mounts, but hadn’t thought of cashing in my soul shards to get them. I think I am less than 2000 as I spent a few on getting PVP gear.

    If you ever plan to level another alt (Goblin/Worgen anyone), I definitely recommend spending the money on heirloom gear. I hear the starting areas are going to be “da’bomb”. I’ve heard mixed thoughts on if they’ll keep the leveling bonus after 80 (could be another riding crop). Still fairly good gear for starting areas.

    As for what to buy to resell, that all depends on your server. The Gem market on my server is tanking (cardinal ruby around 100g), and Crusader orbs are about 80g (down from 500 -> 250 -> 180)..
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  7. Go gems from the extra emblems. BUT… There are some gems that cost 20 emblems vs 10 emblems. I buy the 10 emblem ones to sell raw. Those 2 completely make up the cost of the scarlet ruby that you want for your own gearing.

    I sell the raw cut gems because it is a faster turnaround and if you get them cut into something that no one wants at the time… well you will sit on them a while. I have actually found that I sometimes can get MORE from the uncut since melee has some odd cuts they like and I don’t care to understand. ><
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  8. WRT BoA gear
    I have the cloth set, the mail set and a leather set, both DPS trinkets and a smattering of weapons.

    At the moment I’m leaning towards re-selling gems to get rid of my badges.

  9. One note: don’t save the gems. I found out the hard-way. I bought up loads of pets before they had their own tab, i.e. patch 3.0.2. Immediately after the patch, I could no longer sell my pets (on the AH) as they were now “charged” items. I ended up giving away 100+ vanity pets to friends and guildies. (not going to brave trade channel).

    My warning is, don’t hold on to the gems into cataclysm and expect to sell them. You may suffer my fate.
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