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Things the bug me about RealID.

What if I don’t what to associate my “real” name with my online handle? What if it’s socially unacceptable for me in my RL to be a “gamer” and being “found out” would be bad?

I don’t know my “friends” by their “real” name.. I know them by a handle. Seriously. I don’t call him John Cabrerra, I call him Ryz. It’s NOT less confusing to group all his toons together by his real name. Now, if they allow me to setup the alias I use for his name.. then it will be nice.

What if I want to be invisible? I just don’t feel like “playing with my friends” so I log onto my “secret toon” on my “secret” server just to mess around. With this system my “friends” know all my toons and can see me no matter where I’m logged in.

I just.. I don’t love it.. and I’m not sure I like the direction it’s going.

Idle wondering for today.
When thinking about the integration we keep talking about WoW and SCII because those are the only ones of Blizzards games that we can see being integrated. Privately I’ve talked with a few people about how useful it will be since it only accounts for those two games.. I mean it doesn’t tell me who’s off playing on the XBOX. That said.. Blizzard is owned by Activision.. and Activision makes Call of Duty II.. and Call of Duty II is integrated with XBox live. What if is the first step to integrating WoW and SCII into the XBOX Live and the Playstation equivalent..

That might be kind of cool.

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  1. The answer to most of your pondering is simple.

    DON’T use it.

    They are not forcing you into a realID, it is an optional feature that must be accepted by both parties. So if you don’t want to know Ryz horde alt is ganking lowbies in Goldshire…… don’t accept his realID invite.

  2. Exactly, no-one is forcing you to use real ID. If you want to remain hidden, then don’t use it. If on the other hand you (like me) have gaming friends who you like playing with, then send them an invite. Blizzard has already put in safeguards to keep you anonymous. You can’t tell whether or not a particular e-mail address is a subscriber or not unless you respond to the request. This is as it should be. You won’t be ‘outed’ as a gamer just because this feature exists.
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  3. Blizzard is taking account information, and possibly credit card billing information and using it for a purpose that was never stated when I gave it to them. I gave them that information so they could correctly bill me for the game. I did not give them that information to start a social network. This new system has no significant privacy settings. I have no control over who may see that information. Once I friend a person I have to trust not only them but whoever they friend, and who their friends friend. Already there have been reports on the SCII beta forum of this “feature” exposing the full profile information to your full network. It’s dangerous. It’s serious.

    Also was not mandatory for many years, who’s to say they won’t make Real ID mandatory at some point.

  4. Originallies, this sounded like a convenient service. Is clear now what it be about gaining leverage on you and who you know, fer they’s benefit. Hell with that.
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  5. I mean, I agree that no one at Blizzard is going to force you to use it, but I don’t think they have to. Social pressure will do a lot of the work for them. And while I’m not accusing them of being nefarious about that, I am pretty sure they know it.

    Think about it…we all probably have friends in-game who are less concerned with privacy or whatever. When they want to become your realID friend, you can say no (and I will) but it’s going to feel uncomfortable. There’s a good chance it’s going to ruin some online friendships. Maybe even real ones, I don’t even want to give my ID to guys I roomed with in college for four years. It’s purely a privacy thing for me and not a reflection of my friendship with someone, but not everyone is going to take it that way.

    What if your guild leader decides it’s a requirement for him to know all of his raid members’ IDs so he can find people when he needs bodies? I’d find a new guild, fine, but that still kind of sucks.

    So Blizzard isn’t forcing me to do anything, but I do feel like introducing this system can “hurt” me no matter whether I choose to participate or choose to opt out. You either have to accept a possible hit to privacy or one to your relationships. That’s what makes me uncomfortable.

  6. I’m not going to do it because sometimes I want to log on an alt without receiving tells or reading officer chat or being asked if I want to do something. Armory’s creepy enough sometimes with the RSS feed of activities.

    It’s easy to say “then don’t do it!” but it’s going to be REALLY hard actually saying “no” though to the inevitable invites and trying to explain to someone that it’s not personal.

    That’s going to go over REALLY well.

  7. The MSN messenger can already link to XBOX Live, and it also links to Xfire, and possibly Steam as well. I think there is a REAL chance of it getting linked to

    Me no likely.

    The “good” news is that within a few years, someone (or several someones) are going to be:

    -financially ruined
    -socially ruined (via online ID theft)

    And this type of thing will be reduced/minimized/eliminated. (or it might just be looked at as business as usual – maybe my “good” thing is naivete)
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  8. As you should know you’ve already given your name and address to register your domain name.

    You’re real name is already on the Internet.

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