4 thoughts on “AVR and Power Auras

  1. I’m pretty sure Power Auras doesn’t depend on the camera angle, which is what Blizzard is disabling to break AVR.

  2. That’s my understanding as well the bigger worry to me is if it will break TomTom. The crazy taz arrow is a life save for me finding things and I am pretty sure it depends on camera angle to tell you if you are pointed in the right direction. Running back to my corpse will really suck without it.

  3. That would be really painful, hoping for the best. Probably find me running around with no buffs for awhile as I don’t see the poweraura stating their missing..
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..The Battered Hilt =-.

  4. Only AVR is being taken out. AVR was only brought into the game with the changes made in 3.3.3. All they are doing are removing some of what was put in the game then. Every other addon is fine. As long as they are not using the new functions added in 3.3.3.
    To answer your question about Power Auras, yes it does work, I was using it on the PTR in RS.
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