Spring Cleaning

Last night we had a great night raiding. It was 10-man ICC. We downed the lower spire and festergut/rotface in the first 90 minutes of the raid. Then we went on to down Putricide (oneshot) and Blood Princes (4-shot). Finally we downed Valithria (two shot). It was the first time I had EVER attempted Valithria. So.. good night raiding. After…

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TNB Episode 86 – Constructively Rant-Table

On Friday we had an Emergency Round Table on TNB. Our guests we had arranged for tonight weren’t able to make it (they had a baby last week). So we’re arranged an “emergency round table”. Since the blogosphere just blew up about the 10- vs 25- man changes Blizzard announced I thought that might be a good topic of discussion.…

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 Musings, Guild

Post 1000

This is post 1000. That’s a lot to say on one topic(that one topic being WoW). Unfortunately I have nothing today worthy of being the thousandth idea. Caffeine has suddenly doubled in size. On Saturday we did our first 25-man raid. We fielded 20 of those and pugged in 5. We had at least the 5 more in the guild..…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

Made of Random (I'm not sure if it's win or not) # Boom de yatta!! # Good morning Twitterverse.. What's good reading in the Wow Blogsphere this morning? Links appreciated. # HI Twitterverse. I fiddled a picture here: does it "read" as "Nibs Borgified" or did I mess it up? # With every tech innovation there's an adjustment/learning…

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