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Game got boring (raiding, more raiding, raiding, more raiding, etc, etc).
Guild got all blow’d up. It’s old news now. I’m over it.
I took a break (well duh obviously).
I lost weight and sewed some stuff and thought about why I hadn’t done that sooner.

I patched my machine and realized my UI is fubar’d.
I played with “soul swap” and cackled with glee (no, really, I cackled).
I went to BlizzCon (YEAH BLIZZCON) and had fun.
Of the two starter areas.. Goblins were more fun.

I played some more with my UI and mourned a few dead addons.
We’ll see where that goes.

I want to spend some time poking at warlockery and get a handle on it.
I’ll probably transfer servers though for now I’m sticking to Alliance (more to come on that later).

I learned in my time away that although I enjoy WoW.. it’s really not that important.. and I need to make sure that I don’t devote more time and energy to something that’s not that important.

12 thoughts on “Stuff and things

  1. First off, I think about went into shock seeing your blog have an update.

    Secondly – Welcome back! πŸ˜€

    Thirdly – I cackled too πŸ˜€ (have you tried the empowered seed of corruption? PURE WIN!

    Finally – Again, welcome back πŸ™‚
    .-= koalabear´s last blog ..Screenshot Friday =-.

  2. *wave*

    Nice to hear from you. I was just wondering what you were up to. Sorry about the guild blowup. You’d be welcomed into my guild, if you want a laid-back, casual raiding sort of home.

    Despite how crazy fun some of the new Demon stuff sounds, my poor ‘lock has been stuck in Dal doing nothing but making glyphs. He doesn’t have any talents, and he’s starting to miss his FG, Flaroon.

    I’ve been mostly busy with my DK and warrior lately, though I dusted off the pally to play with the new healing mechanics and try to get his healing set caught up a bit.
    .-= Algorython´s last blog ..News Post- Patch 401 Is Here! =-.

  3. Hey Nibs, Welcome back to WoW and blogging. As Al mentioned, you’d be welcomed into my guild also, BUT gotta be horde.

    haven’t gotten soul swap down yet, definitely want it to be glyphed so your dots don’t all fall off. On the other hand, LOVING destro and instant cast Soul Fire, especially when buffed with Immolate.

    Now, I really, really need you to focus and get a Pawn scale working for 4.0 warlocks!! πŸ˜€
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..Cata Beta Mounts =-.

      1. Yes! You’re the BEST!

        I don’t think the default pawn scales are quite correct for loot drops. Definitely need to drop Spirit to 0 and maybe rank Int a bit higher.

        Oh, but don’t let this game suck you back in again. I am totally for less than 10 hrs a week playing. Casual and proud of it.


  4. “I learned in my time away that although I enjoy WoW.. it’s really not that important.. and I need to make sure that I don’t devote more time and energy to something that’s not that important”.

    There really isn’t anything much I can add to that statement. Being one thats been away from WoW on quite a long break I learned that same thing in the process.

    Its always good to take a long break if even to get a different perspective reflecting on things.

  5. I’m about in the same spot you are, except for the losing weight. Sure you didn’t slip it in a box and mail it to me?

    I pulled away enough to do some crafting and some Netflix watching. I’ve even had more time to get on my girls about their chores and homework. My house is getting cleaner by the week πŸ™‚

    My poor, neglected blog. Guess I’d better get over there and tell everyone about the Blizzcon stream I haven’t finished watching…
    .-= Shawndra´s last blog ..The Plan =-.

  6. Good for you my dear! Sorry to see you leave the server but I’d think you were crazy for staying.

    I’m having a hard time being interested in Wow these days. The excitement I felt going into BC with the old crew is just not there this time around.

    Whatever you decide to do I hope it works out well for you.


    .-= Leo Diogenes´s last blog ..Pt 44 The Escape =-.

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