Impish by nature

Month: December 2010

“Teeny-tiny teeth…”

I’ve been an adventurer for a while.. 85 seasons.. and in all that time I’ve been asked to do some pretty despicable things.. I tortured a man.. I (accidentally) killed puppies.. heck, I’m not even ashamed to say it.. I’ve dug through poop (a few […]

Having many love…

I accidentally ran my first heroic last night. Well started to anyway. I logged in, started my dailies and popped into the Daily Dungeon queue (Hit “I”, Choose “join”, close screen). Eventually it popped and I ended up in Halls of Origination. Everything went swimmingly […]

Plot Point: Millhouse Manastorm

* * * * SPOILERS!! FLEE NOW!!! * * * *

Are all heroics created equal?

I haven’t actually started running heroics yet in Cataclysm.. so this is more of a thought exercise. Work with me here.. think back WAY BACK to the beginning of Wrath. Back when (ever so briefly) the heroics were hard. Not all of them mind you.. […]

Dungeon Cheatsheets

HI all, I haven’t done many of the dungeons yet.. and I’m still 1 point away from being able to do heroics.. but for the dungeons I have done I’ve compiled a cheat sheet. Comments welcomed. The Vortex Pinnacle Halls of Origination NOTE: the asshats […]

Day in the life at 85

Sign up for Daily Random Regular (I’m 3 points short of heroics right now) Teleport to Uldum and complete the one lonely daily quest. It almost feels not worth it.. but a daily is a daily.. and it does build needed reputation. Hearth back to […]

There ought to be an easier macro…

So mounts changed. I noticed that even my “slow” land mounts are suddenly able to get as fast as my fastest land mount.. AND since I’d finished the “Long Strange Trip” all my flying mounts are at 310%. This gives us an interesting opportunity. I […]

Ding 85

Due to .. unusual events.. I ended up playing through to 85 last night. I dinged on the last quest in Uldum. Now, back to the “endgame”. Reputations to grind, normals to do, gear to buy. Fun Fun Fun.

Flaming Gnomes, Flaming Gnomes EVERYWHERE

I finished Deepholm and (as instructed by the breadcrumbs) moved on to Uldum. I’m disappointed to have to report that the Random Dungeon queue can pop for you WHILE you’re watching a long cut scene.. so I’m not 100% certain what happened in the cut […]

Nib’s pre-raid shopping list

Reputations: Wowhead reputation guide Guardians of Hyjal (Hyjal) – Head Enchants – Arcanum of Hyjal (+60 Intellect and +35 Critical Strike) – Revered Therazane (Deepholm) – Shoulder Inscriptions Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone (+50 Intellect and +25 Haste) – Exalted Lesser Inscription of Changed Lodestone […]