..down where it’s wetter, that’s where it’s better.. um.. yeah

11:59: Questing on Llyl (baby warlock) with Fiancé on his baby tauran pally.
12:01: Fiancee logs out so he can activate his download. I figure I’ll be smart and wait for the in-game message telling me Cata was ready for me.
12:12: In-game message finally fires.. like 15 times. 12 whole minutes late. BUT the queues were full so it took another 15 minutes to log in.

Logged in, fiddled with character settings for a Worgen, made a worgen (not sure I love the name, may recreate).
Decided I should at least -try- to get my 80 Warlock started on the leveling path. Log in on my warlock.
Realize I left her standing on the landing pad in Dalaran.
Run over and train old-world flying.
Decided I want to be in Stormwind (that seemed like a nice place to pick up the trail of quests).
Caught a flight to Borean Tundra and then caught the boat back to the old world. I did have a nostalgic moment when I realized I was starting Cata the same way I started Wrath.. by taking the Borean Tundra boat.
Arrived in Menethil Harbor (which I actually hadn’t visited since the Cataclysm). Cursed myself for choosing the wrong boat.. but decided to take this as an opportunity to fly in the old world.
Honestly, the flight fro Menethil to Stormwind is BORING. It’s all over mountains that I’ve never scaled before. BORING.
Fly into the back-side of Stormwing. Land on a rooftop to enjoy the view.
A quest popped up where a shaman wanted me to come talk to him.
Happily he wanted to send me to Vashj’ir (where I’d planned to go).
Watched the neato little movie then flew off to the harbor.
Got on the right boat which now that I think of it was on the same dock as the Northrend boat.. I wonder how you know which boat it is?
Took the boat, watched the show. Giddy with happy at the happenings.
Appeared in front of the guy I’m supposed to turn my quest in to.. he asks me if I want to change my hearthstone to this location.. I figure why not. So I reset my Hearthstone. Only.. he has a grey question mark. He says I didn’t actually complete the quest.. the one which should have completed just by having me stand on the boat. Damn buggy software.

Exit the sunken boat.. slowly swim around. Since that quest giver wouldn’t accept my quest I couldn’t pick up any other quests for the zone. I just kind of flapped my hands around for a while. Here I am.. trapped, on the bottom of the sea.. no quests, no flight points, no idea where to go or what to do.. and no way back to the mainland.

After about 10 minutes of random swimming (in which I was terribly thankful that I’m a warlock and can give myself underwater breathing)(the zone-wide buff doesn’t show up until the 2nd or 3rd quest in the zone.. and I couldn’t complete the first) I finally made my way to the surface and swam to the nearby island. There I found a flight point which connected to the mainland.

Unfortunately it connected to Ironforge.. so I was back where I had started. /fume Fly back to IF, then fly to Stormwind, over to the harbor and take the boat out AGAIN and FINALLY get the quest complete. So after 30-40 minutues of thrashing about.. I finally started on my first quest in the zone.

Lessons learned under the sea:
– My in-game depth perception sucks. I have a hard time telling if I’m close enough to a mob and keep randomly aggroing mobs I thought I was far away from.
– Random floaty dead bodies are visually confusing
– When you do the Sea Horse quest make sure you dismiss your non-combat pet and turn off any addon that auto-summons a non-combat pet. When you’re doing the quest use 1,2,3 to activate the buttons on your button bar to complete the quest.
– I cannot find an Inn to save my life. I just want to get rested XP and all I can find are folks who says “Hey, I’d let you set your hearthstone to here” but no rested buff. /fume.
– Shark Whales are hella big.

1 am I decide to just do a few Vashj’ir quests until I find an inn.
3 am Decide there are no inns in Vashj’ir, give up and just go to bed.

It was WAY past my bed time.. and I totally should have gone to bed a lot sooner. I think I’m almost half way to 81.

2 thoughts on “..down where it’s wetter, that’s where it’s better.. um.. yeah

  1. You’re not alone Nib!

    Everyone on the boat bailed before the cutscene when I went over, and I too set my HS too early and from that point on, I think I have the same story (right down to waiting 2 hours to find an inn, and being in the same xp area as you).

    The worst part of the depth deception is trying to loot a mob you’re “right on top of” until you rotate the camera and you see could run 2 tracks of the Deeprun Tram in the gap you currently have.

    Keep up the great blog 🙂

  2. Totally agree with you! I HATE swimming. I can’t judge distance or depth at all. It’s hideous.

    I started there, did one quest, hearthed out, went to Hyjal, got ganked and stopped playing until all the school children were in bed.

    The Inn in the water place is where you end up after the boat trip – the guy who gives you quests, but you can easily get there using the portal on the island in the lake in Stormwind, so my hearth is still set to SW.

    So far my enjoyment of Cataclysm is not very good. Which is a shame. I do love flying over Stormwind though, but I’m not going to level very much doing that all evening 🙂

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