Our story so far…

So this one night.. I heard there was going to be a Cataclysm! and I prepared myself and girded my loins. I’d been fighting elemental invasions in Stormwind, it seemed the thing to do. I was totally prepared for all Hellfire to break loose..

Instead.. I think I passed out.. for some unknown amount of time.. and I woke to find the world change. So ok, let me get this straight. Days and days of elementals in the world.. a build up to cataclysmic proportions.. and all I have is a vague hangover and a whisper of a memory of Deathwing perched on the roof of Stormwind. Fer serious?

EVEN BETTER!!! I was passed out for long enough for the face of the world to totally change.. and for enough time for the city to be rebuilt in a totally different configuration. So ok.. that Deathwing busting out.. that must have been quite a while ago.. I mean there’s whole new towns that have popped into existence. Hell, Stormwind got a backside. So.. Ok. It’s been years since Deathwing popped out. And that part where he perched on top of Stormwind.. I guess he eventually got bored with decimating the city and flew off.

So that achievement.. the “Stood in the Fire”… get killed by Deathwing when he decimates a zone.. what kind of timeline are we looking at there? I mean is he going to keep blasting zones .. randomly for the next two year? I’m ok with that.. it does increase my chances of getting the feat of strength.. but .. well.. won’t his arms get tired with all that flying around? Not that I mind.. I mean, assuming he shows as a raid boss.. I’m totally ok with his arms being tired.

All in all.. I liked the zombies better. Though they both seem to suffer from premature.. um.. ending. A whole lot of build up.. but no follow-through.

3 thoughts on “Our story so far…

  1. Blizzard cannot tell a story longer’n a quest form or two fer ta save it’s collective life. I tried what ta tell what it were like ta experience the Shattering in me blog, since Blizz could not be bothered to.

  2. Hmm.. now that you mention it.. maybe it’s self-inflicted amnesia.. I wonder what I’m trying to forget.

  3. The way I took it was that all that beautiful construction in Stormwind occurred in the time between killing Arthas and Deathwing popping. That also explains why Anduin appeared to have been sent to the same boarding school that soap opera kids have been going to for decades.

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