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A question of spec

I’ve started questing in Maelstrom/Deepholm and hit level 83. So far questing has been fairly easy and I’ve just kept with my “normal” Affliction raiding spec. This kind of makes me feel guilty since I -know- that spec isn’t optimal for levelling.

So I keep flipping over to my alt spec (which is still 0/0/0) and fiddling with the numbers. I go through all the steps and allocate the points.. and then get frustrated because allocating the points to another tree means I’m going to have to learn a different spell rotation.. and I KNOW that when I get stressed my fingers are going to remember my Affliction rotation.. and I’m going to totally hit the wrong buttons.

So.. I just keep questing as Affliction. So far there’s only been a few times when I wished my pet tanked better. Other than that, affliction has been fine. In fact.. now that I’m at 83 it almost seems silly to flip specs. I mean how silly is it to waste time/energy on learning a new spec/rotation for all of two levels.

Idaknow. /sigh

Ok.. after spending some quality time with the talent trees I think I have a good option for a tweaked Affliction leveling tree.

This adds in a slow on feared mobs (which I use when the pet stops holding aggro) a little bit of healing for my demon.. and some additional health/healing for myself. It removes a couple of the more raid-y talents but is good enough for leveling.

I think I’ll throw this in as my ALT spec.. and leave my primary spec for raiding/dungeons.

Added horror: last night.. for the first time in a long while, I saw “MISS” pop up above the mob. I was actually a bit horrified.

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  • I have esstentially kept my affliction raiding spec, but took 2 points and put them in Fel Synergy. I haven’t had many problems with the void walker since.

    I didn’t go much into the other stuff you did because I haven’t really needed it.

    Have you changed out your ICC raiding gear for the new quest rewards?

  • I leveled to 85 in around 20-22 hours and didn’t even allocate new talent points for either of my specs until 83. I leveled entirely as Affliction filling out my current spec for 85 raiding. I wouldn’t stress too much about it as each spec seems equally viable for leveling. Level 84 mobs tend to hit pretty hard which makes multi-dotting large pulls and drain tanking them harder, or at least more dangerous. Just keep plugging away and you’ll be 85 in no time.

    Oh and about the “Miss” thing. Hit rating is horrible at this point and even in near BiS pre-raid gear I’m still only at 12% hit rating. You will most likely have to reforge every piece of your gear and gem every slot for hit to get anywhere near cap, at least for this raid tier.

  • You can level to 85 in affliction. But it is way easier as demo. In the last two zones the mobs hit very hard and with the crazy respawn rates you sometimes fight 2 to 4 of them either at once or back to back.

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