Impish by nature

Year: 2010

All 10th Kingdom

The following exchange happened on Twitter between myself and slowpoker (From Fel Concentration). Read from the bottom up. Egg-zactly! Link to blue post

Just so we’re clear

ram·e·kin [ram-i-kin] -noun 1. a small dish in which food can be baked and served. Ramkahen [ram-ka-hen] – noun 1. The cat-like people of Ramkahen are the descendants of the Tol’vir, guardians of Uldum. Though they’ve lost their stone bodies, protecting the secrets of the […]

Too Many Buttons

Am I a mage? I realized yesterday that I’m running out of easily accessible button slots for all my spells I use during a fight. Critical during a fight: Pet Attack/recall Mouseover Set Focus macro Corruption Bane of Agony Unstable Affliction Haunt Life Tap Curse […]

Questioning the “Experts”

Elitist Jerk’s Simulationcraft runs for Affliction use the Felhound. I wonder if that was intentional. /whistling This totally means I’m going to need to spend quality time with the Simulator. — I’m making slow progress through Deepholm. It’s not a -bad- zone.. I’m just not […]

.. on the way out of Vashj’ir

A funny thing happened on the way out of Vashj’ir. As I mentioned I was at 145/160 quests.. and perplexed about where the find the remaining 15 quests. After a short little research jaunt I shrugged and just moved onto to Maelstrom/Deepholm figuring I’d circle […]

A question of spec

I’ve started questing in Maelstrom/Deepholm and hit level 83. So far questing has been fairly easy and I’ve just kept with my “normal” Affliction raiding spec. This kind of makes me feel guilty since I -know- that spec isn’t optimal for levelling. So I keep […]

Maelstrom ho!

I “finished” Vashj’ir. Well.. ok, I’m 145/160 with no leads on the other 15 quests. Teh Intarwebz (and twitter) says the count is borked.. so hopefully Blizz will get that fixed soon so I can get the achievement. The quest line was very enjoyable. I’m […]

Haste and Hit

I finally published my Affliction Haste manifesto. So now I have all the information I know about Hit and Haste published on permanent pages. Any and all comments appreciated.

..down where it’s wetter, that’s where it’s better.. um.. yeah

11:59: Questing on Llyl (baby warlock) with Fiancé on his baby tauran pally. 12:01: Fiancee logs out so he can activate his download. I figure I’ll be smart and wait for the in-game message telling me Cata was ready for me. 12:12: In-game message finally […]

Our story so far…

So this one night.. I heard there was going to be a Cataclysm! and I prepared myself and girded my loins. I’d been fighting elemental invasions in Stormwind, it seemed the thing to do. I was totally prepared for all Hellfire to break loose.. Instead.. […]