Impish by nature

Year: 2011

The Sack of Theramore

Dear Blizzard, This please. Thanks Nibs. It would be ever so interesting to participate in the action rather than have it simply show up as an off-screen event. (HEY, several years have passed since Deathwing broke out and we didn’t even notice). Hey, I said […]


I make this look good. You know.. for a female goblin shaman wearing a sex and race changing wizard hat of days gone by. Booyaka!

A troll by any other name

I know I havn’t played horde-side long.. and I may be mistaken.. but trolls look different when you’re alliance-side. Just sayin’


I guess it’s a little bit sad to say that nearly a year after Cataclysm launch I’ve finally played a goblin enough to -almost- get out of the goblin specific area. Color me surprised. Last night my little goblin dinged 21. She’s running around Azshara […]

That’s “Mistress of the Universe” if you please

I -knew- it reminded me of something. Orko.. He-mans side-kick. This is humiliating.

Innit Purty?

It was totally worth the mindless grind of not doing PVP in a PVP zone to get it. Totally.


Blizzard Peon: Sir.. Ghostcrawler: Yes, what is it? You’re interrupting my lunch {Sips gin} Blizzard Peon: Sir.. the plebs have noticed that the Succubus does the best damage.. and Sir.. they’re all summoning her. Ghostcrawler: What?? All of them? What about Demonology they have that.. […]

Ask Mr Robot

Go visit Ask Mr Robot. I don’t suggest -blindly- following it’s suggestions.. but I am happy and all glowy with it’s recommendations. Thanks Elk and Ful.

State of the UI: February 2011

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Sneaky sneaky little hordie

I spy with my little eye.. something .. off. Note the “killable” cinderbloom. Sneaky little flagged hordie. Just goes to show, you should never kill plants!