Pandemic + Haste

Pandemic causes your Bane and Curse spells to behave as if you have 50% haste (50% haste reduces GCD for casters down to 1 second).

Assuming that Haste and Pandemic don’t stack (ie you can’t bring your GCD below 1 second) that would imply that the second point in Pandemic becomes less important as your haste increases. In fact, using this assumption, at about 25% haste the only value of the second point of pandemic is in the secondary benefit where it will always refresh Unstable Affliction.

Hmmm /sigh I still think it’s worth it.. dropping off UA during execute would be annoying.. but still… worth thinking about.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic + Haste

  1. The two obvious choices are:

    Curse of Exhaustion
    Soulburned Seed of Corruption

    I’d probably choose the second.

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