2010 Blogging Retrospective

No WoW content here. Sorry. Today is a day for belly-button gazing ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m starting my fifth year of writing this blog. I had a bit of a rough spot last year. The combination of too many committments, Life and in-game stresses made everything less fun. I took a while off (July-September) and frankly I’m better for it. That said, my traffic suffered. Oh well.

StatCounter says I had 232,900 Page loads in 2010. This is down from 2009. I reset it to 0 on January 1, 2011.
Unique Visitors 2010: 168,800 This is slightly down from 2009
Returning Visitors 2010: 30,612 This is also down from 2009.

I guess taking a few months off from posting will do that.

Total blog entries: 1055 (including this one)
2010: 112 This is down a quite a bit from last year and the year before.
2009: 245
2008: 325
2007: 366
Total pages: 14 This is up ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been adding/updating quite a few pages.
Total comments: 3,989 Approved (9,224 spam caught by Akismet)(Akismet has only been on since ~October 2009)

Blog Red letter days:
Lately I’m seeing 300-600 page views per weekday.. but there have been some peaks.
Monday 1/5 6,586 ( linked to my article “Beige.. I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige“)
Monday 1/18-20 was my peak spike at 17,081 ( linked to โ€œWharโ€™s ma DPS?โ€ Affliction Checklist)
Monday 3/15 9,836 ( linked to my “State of the UI“)
Monday 4/16 4,060 ( linked to my rant about the Sparkle Pony “Sparkle Pony and Spambot“)

Popular Entries:
Happily, the most popular entry this year was also written this year. โ€œWharโ€™s ma DPS?โ€ Affliction Checklist. I plan to do an update of that for Cataclysm in the next week or so.

The second most popular post continues to be my post from THREE YEAR AGO about How I Heal, Grid+Clique. I almost wish I healed so I could update the post.

My posts about the addon Power Auras continue to be popular. These posts show up in the #3, #7, #8, and #10 positions. In fact, added all together I think these posts had more visits than the #1 post. I’ll take that as a sign and get an updated and revised version of this posted.

So where does this leave me? Well.. pretty much where I’ve been all along. If this is like a job I’ll balk at it and not do it.. so I’ll updated this sporadically as I feel the need to update it. I still have a lot to say.. just don’t always have the time/energy to say it. I’m trying though.

Past Retrospectives:
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Blog Narcisism (March 2008)(looks like I forgot to do the actual naval gazing for 2009)
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1 thought on “2010 Blogging Retrospective

  1. between you and me, I love your add-on reviews. Concise and useful. Pointing out features that I hadn’t found or fully taken advantage of.

    I started using /Powa after reading your reviews and now have a bunch of power auras setup. (scratches head, still wish I could get that demonic portal aura to work). I am currently running the buff fluff aura (#10 above), and the flask and 13% CoE aura from #8. Next aura for me… if Dark Intent is up..

    Pawn is my other favorite that you introduced me to.

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