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Pretty Pretty Trinkets

I think of all the armor slots I hate trinkets the most. It’s because it’s hard to compare “occasionally hits target with shadowy damage” vs “summons a minion to fight at your side” vs “very very occasionally gives you god-like int.. but then is on cooldown for the rest of the fight”.

So when a guildie was offering the Darkmoon Volcano deck for 14k or mats I hesitated. I have the money or I could farm the herbs.. but I’d hate to put out all that effort to find out it was worse than some easily acquired blue. So I dived into trinket comparisons.

I read threads and conflicting advice and mumblings about proc rates and pseudo-point value. My head spun.. but one thing became infinitely clear… the Darkmoon card is sub-optimal for affliction warlocks.

Darkmoon Card: Volcano The problem is (at least at the moment) the card only procs off direct damage. In our execute phase (below 25%) we’re not really so much with the direct damage. All our dots are running and we Drain Soul interrupting that only occasionally to refresh Haunt. The card doesn’t proc off a cast of DS nor off a cast of Haunt. Which means that the only way we could get it to work is if we changed our rotation to be casting direct damage spells instead.. survey says that’s a nogo. So yeah.. I saved 14k.

After a while I stumbled across a nice spreadsheet. Now I know MMV but I think it’s a fantastic place to start.

Tasty Trinkets(ordered for Affliction, best to worst):
Heart of Ignacious (HEROIC) – Elementium Monstrosity, The Bastion of Twilight
Theralions Mirror (HEROIC) – Atramedes, Blackwing Descent
Figurine – Jeweled serpent – Jewelcrafting 475 BoP
Theralions Mirror – Atramedes, Blackwing Descent
Heart of Ignacious – Elementium Monstrosity, The Bastion of Twilight
Witching Hourglass – Ascendant Lord Obsidius, Blackrock Caverns H
Gale of Shadows – Erudax, Grim Batol H
Bell of Enraging Resonance (Heroic) – Atamedes, Blackwing Descent
Stump of Time – Tol Barad Exalted and 125 Tol Barad Commendations
Soul Casket – 1650 Valor Points
Bell of Enraging Resonance – Atamedes, Blackwing Descent
Sorrowsong – Siamat, Lost City of Tol’vir H
Tendrils of Burrowing Dark – Ozruk, The Stonecore H
Anhuur’s Hymnal – Temple Guardian Anhuur, Halls of Origination H

Darkmoon card: Volcano *** Affliction: will not proc < 25% HP, so it's not as good as it could be.

Looks like I'll be spending quality time in Tol Barad.

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  1. A shadow priest guildy told me they fixed the Darkmoon: Volcano card to proc off DoT ticks. I can’t find a post to confirm, though. That 1600 Intellect for 12s would be nice, too.

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