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Mage vs Warlock

[First posted on Sept 1, 2009.. I ran across it, it made me laugh, so I’m reposting it]

EatBabiesOn Twitter, Adam Holisky (a writer for wondered: Why do Warlocks hate Mages, and Mages hate Warlocks? You’d think they’d want to have each others babies.

Mages and Warlocks hate each other because:
– They keep stealing my clothes(necklaces, rings, trinkets, etc).
– Sibling rivalry, we both want to top the damage meters.
– We get smexy demons. Succubus or Felguard take your pick. They got.. um.. watery bubble thingy.
– We get cookies, they got biscuits. Cookies are cooler than biscuits.
– Because noobs keep asking me for a portal to Dalaran.
– Because shadow bolts are way sexier than frost bolts. Just sayin’
– Flame-y demon pony of WTFPWNage!!
– Lore wise, some warlocks are mages who have turned to demons/shadow-y arts. Some mages still resent us for it..
– They’re goody-two-shoes and a “hint of evil” offends them.

But, by far the best response on Twitter was from Jagoex of Warlock Therapy. He twittered:

“Warlocks eat babies. Mages ARE babies. I think that sums up their relationship pretty well, don’t you? :)”

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