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“DI THE TANK!!!”**

Dark Intent
– Can only be cast in a party (which makes it very hard to setup power auras and to test with).
– Gives you and your target each 3% haste.
– When you (or the linked target) gets a dot/hot crit the other person gets 3% increased dot damage/healing which lasts for 7 seconds and stacks up to 3 times.

The haste buff stacks. The increased dot damage doesn’t stack.

I found links to a very good discussion over on MMO-Champion: Dark Intent – The Guide.

TL;DR: Give the buff to healers up until your raid starts wiping on enrage timers or failure to burn. Order of healer preferance:
1) Restoration Druid
2) Holy Priest (Raid Healing)
3) Restoration Shaman
4) Holy Priest
5) Discipline Priest/Holy Paladins***

***See the full thread for this explaination.

If you’re hitting the enrage timers then here’s your new order:
Dark Intent the Shadow Priest first, and Fire Mage or DPS druids second (let them fight over it, it’s hilarious).

MMV in 5-mans.

Also of note. BECAUSE the increased damage portion of this buff does not stack it is NOT recommended that you “trade DIs” with another warlock. Your raid will benefit more if you each buff some class other than a warlock.

Gherkin wrote:

Using Dark Intent on a Lock as a Lock means that you are a moron.

The 3% Haste buff stacks.
The 9% Damage/Healing buff does not.

Therefore, if you cast Dark Intent on a Warlock who cast Dark Intent on you, you each get 6% Haste (12% total) and 9% Damage/Healing (18% total). However, if you each cast Dark Intent on a non Warlock, The Raid gets 12% Haste and 36% Damage/Healing.

Power Aura for Dark Intent:

Version:4.9; g:0; icon:spell_warlock_focusshadow; buffname:Dark Intent; r:0.3961; x:814; texture:22; aurastext:shadow ward; inParty:true; size:0.25; y:-120; texmode:2; inverse:true

**for those who don’t know, DI used to be Divine Intervention for Paladins. The paladin would sacrafice their life so that the target would get an impenitrible bubble. It was tons of fun during wipes. They lost that ability with 4.01.

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  1. I love buffing the holy priest, ‘cept for the fact that sometimes the out of combat heals will trigger DI, like Renew or (that long heal that can create a divine aegis).

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