I’ve finally posted my cheatsheet for Throne of Tides.

Now I know if you’re breezing through that instance it will be old news.. but I wanted to mention one boss in particular, Mindbender.. the headsucker boss. I’ve been through Throne of Tides quite a few times.. and most of the time we get to Mindbender and it’s a really simple fight.. so simple that I hadn’t even bothered to figure out what he was doing.. I knew he was doing -something- but we were easily downing him without my actually having to figure out -what- he was doing.

This changed a few night ago.. honestly the big change was that all of our DPSers in the group were casters. So suddenly Mindbender’s unknown fight mechanics bit us in the butt.

The first part of the fight is simple for me as a caster. Get out of the spikes. If I’m on interrupt duty (which is doubtful because my cooldown is on such a long cooldown) then I’d be trying to interrupt Lava Burst. Not too bad.
The second part of the fight he sucks onto party member’s heads, has funny little purple beams (which can be LOS’d by the columns) AND he puts “Absorb Magic” on himself. It was that last bit that I didn’t know about (and bit us in the butt).

If he has Absorb Magic up and you cast spells on him, he will heal for three times the spell’s damage. Note: he casts Absorb Magic A LOT. It seems to have a 5 second duration and a 1 second cooldown.

Now nomally we’d have a big hitting melee in the group.. and even though we(the casters) were blindly healing him up, the tank plus the melee was enough to eventually get him down.. but swap to a full caster group.. and we healed him to full several times.. and finally died when he started decapitating our party members.

So here it is.. when he gets “Absorb Magic” (which he gets A LOT) stop casting on him. That’s it.

To make it easier (and to make sure I noticed when he had it up) I built this into a Power Aura I have setup for Spell Reflect. This power aura has been growing over the last few years. Everytime I encounter a mob with a “thingy up so I should stop casting on it” I add it to this power aura. I’m sure I’ll add more before this expansion is done. This shows a red warning face thingie in the middle of your screen when the mob you’re targeting has one of the following spells up:
Spell Reflection (warrior)
Magic Reflection (Cast by Azure Raider in The Violet Hold)
Shroud of Runes (Cast by Soulguard Watchman in The Forge of Souls)
Adherent’s Determination (Cast by Cult Adherent in ICC)
Shroud of the Occult (Cast by Cult Adherent in ICC)
Elementium Bulwark (Cast by Ozruk in Stonecore)
Absorb Magic (Cast by Mindbender in Throne of Tides)

Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “Mindbender

  1. Would just like to add; if you have a mage along they can spellsteal the absorb magic for much lols of all.

    Assumably if you have a distaste for taking mages anywhere, a Shaman could purge it for slightly-less-lols, but still a much easier time of it. 🙂

  2. Removing Absorb Magic: Mage: spellsteal, Hunter: Tranq Shot, Warlock: Felhunter, Priest: dispell, warrior: Shield Slam, Shaman: purge

    Personally I like the Felhunter one.. the idea that my felpuppy could just munch the buff makes me happy

  3. Goodness, can be removed a lot easier than I suspected. Assumably if Tranq Shot can remove it, so can Druid Soothe now that it’s basically the same thing?

    I know with the ‘Surge’ buff that the elementals get en route to Neptulon it counts as some sort of odd enrage/buff hybrid, as it can be soothed/tranq’d or spell stolen, so assumably also everything else you mention there!

    …Which then leads me to wonder why it took everyone so freaking long to work out it could be removed… 😛

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