Mutterings About Shadowflame

Shadowflame Ok.. so a while back they gave me -this-. I’ve successfully ignored it.. for a long time. I mean gimme a break.. it’s cast in melee range.. blegh. BUT TPTB (mostly EJ) say that casting it as part of your rotation will increase your damage output. Sokay. So I spent a little time poking at a test dummy and I have to say.. I don’t love it.

It seems like it has an 8 yard range. It’s only in front of you.. and even though it looks like you should be channeling a cone of shadowflames in front of you, really you can do whatever you want (ie, cast the next spell) as soon as your out of the GCD. Instead of.. you know, standing there dumbly until the supposed channeling gets done(boy was my face red…).

My biggest problem is knowing whether it hit or not. On smaller mobs they light up in flame when it hits them (it -is- kind of satisfying).. but on bigger mobs.. idaknow.. I just can’t seem to tell whether it’s hitting. If I’m not hitting, ie, if I’m at 9 yards away then I need to know to move closer.. or if it’s not hitting because I’m at 20 yards away then I need to know to not bother casting the bugger.. but as it is.. I’m just sort of blindly hitting the button when I’m -sure- I’m hitting.. even though I don’t -know- it.

Still… I don’t like it one bit.

I suppose I should look to see if I can make some power aura about it.. must poke at this idea for a while.

3 thoughts on “Mutterings About Shadowflame

  1. I know that it leaves a dot on the target. I use this spell when I have to dps the worms on Magmaw.

    I haven’t bothered to use it in my regular rotation though. I have enough buttons to push as it is.

  2. Hmm, I’ve used this in PVP and back in Wrath for the random dungeon, but not in a PVE situation. I can see the situational use for example, Grim Batol when the boss whips out his shield and uses the flamethrower on us.

    On the wowhead comments, someone has a range of 10yds. Without playing a melee class, I can’t really visualize that distance. I like the idea of a power aura.

  3. As koalabear stated, it definitely leaves a DoT on the target, so it should be relatively easy to add a poweraura that looks for the DoT being up, or even add it to whatever other DoT tracking addons you might use.

    As EJ says, it’s not worth moving into melee just to do it, but if you find yourself in range, it’s a slight DPS gain to use on even one enemy — more if there are more enemies in range, of course.

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