Sneaky sneaky little hordie

I spy with my little eye.. something .. off.

Note the “killable” cinderbloom.

Sneaky little flagged hordie.

Just goes to show, you should never kill plants!

4 thoughts on “Sneaky sneaky little hordie

  1. Actually that’s a bugged Cinderbloom, not a sneaky hordie 😛

    It used to be a Cinderbloom that was in a tree or underground or something. Then after 4.03 it moved out into the open as a level 1 neutral mob…

    And no, it didn’t drop any cinderbloom after I killed it 🙁 I’m playing on a PvP server, so it’s not like the opposing faction has any reason to play tricks like that.

  2. Pockie beat me to it.

    I’m on a PvE server and I’ve killed that stupid herb dozens of times. I was hoping it would drop some so I could “farm” herbs on a non-herbalist, but of course no such luck.

    Ah well, and least I can throw some DoT’s on it and get some free healing while I slay everything else around there.

  3. Hmm, there’s a heart blossom in Deepholm on my server that’s buried under a rock formation. I’ve landed there and ran around the rock numerous times, just remember it’s the same plant.

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