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I guess it’s a little bit sad to say that nearly a year after Cataclysm launch I’ve finally played a goblin enough to -almost- get out of the goblin specific area. Color me surprised.

Last night my little goblin dinged 21. She’s running around Azshara and it feels like she still has a little bit to go on it.

Regardless. Once I got off the initial starting island I really started to enjoy it. The initial island was just.. well it was terribly cluttered. And by that I mean I was bugged all to heck by all of the litter on the ground. It just.. bugged me. Whatever I’m weird that way.

Last night I played through Archmage Xylem’s trials at the top of his island. I LOVED them. Finally a quest which was a puzzle. It was interesting to solve and then interesting to try and get the achievement.

I’m also playing a Shaman. Different is good.

[No, I’m not “back”. Being back would imply that I intend to pick up where I left off.. and frankly I kind of like having free time and eating healthy, home-cooked meals. Let’s just say that I started to feel kind of silly paying $15/month for a game I wasn’t playing.. and when it came down to the decision.. I decided to give it another try (on an occasional, casual basis) rather than completely cancel my account. We’ll see what happens. ]

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