Impish by nature

Year: 2011

Mutterings About Shadowflame

Shadowflame Ok.. so a while back they gave me -this-. I’ve successfully ignored it.. for a long time. I mean gimme a break.. it’s cast in melee range.. blegh. BUT TPTB (mostly EJ) say that casting it as part of your rotation will increase your […]

Oh Snap!

…and just like that it changes…. again. I guess I know better.. it being patch day and all.. but on Tuesday EJ Affliction thread said Imp was the best bet with a spiffy talent spec and specific glyphs. Then, like -that- it changed and today […]

Where are we going? and why are we in this Handbasket?

Last night as I was cooking dinner (Ground beef and barley stew)(It was yummy) my fiancĂ© informed me that our raiding group’s main tank has decided to leave the game. There were a lot of different things that fed into his decision.. but there it […]

Ripsnarl’s Ghosts

In Deadmines on the fight with Ripsnarl.. where you have to quickly kill off the ghosts while the boss runs in and out of view.. how do you handle it? I ran into a keyboard-throwing incident over the weekend where I was in a group […]

When to break socket bonus

Gems call to me mightily. My inner OCD REALLY wants to match the socket to get the bonus. It’s like winning a little mini-game. BUT my inner mathematician knows that sometimes (most of the time) it’s better to say “Damn the Torpedoes” and just jam […]

Raiding Happiness is…

Engulfing Magic + Full Row of dots.. + 3x Shadow Embrace + Boss below 25% + Drain Soul Twice I grinned from ear to ear.

Musing on Tol Barad

Last night while cooking dinner (stuffed red peppers**) I had a good chat with my fiancĂ© about Tol Barad. Alliance on my server hasn’t held TB once this week and we’re both itching to get the raid done and anxious that it’ll flip when we […]


I’ve finally posted my cheatsheet for Throne of Tides. Now I know if you’re breezing through that instance it will be old news.. but I wanted to mention one boss in particular, Mindbender.. the headsucker boss. I’ve been through Throne of Tides quite a few […]

Since we’re on the subject…

Bursty classes (Rogues and hunters I’m looking at you) who pipe up in Vent with “Hardie har, looket, that last 5 second long fight I hit 38k damage” .. you can all just die in a fire. It’s cold comfort to know that I’ll probably […]

Petty Peeves

I should not have to log out of the game to update the armory to see if I have any little red exclamation points telling me I missed a gem or an enchant. That should be built into the game UI. If I have reforged […]