Eats, shoots, and leaves

wwd_eats-shoots-and-leaves_v01Whelp, I’m still here.

“Mists of Pandara” is on sale for $30. It seemed silly to try out the game for 10 days without the expansion.. so I plunked down my money and expanded. My warlock is now 87.5 and wandering around the Valley of the Four Winds.

– Tweaking my UI makes me happy. I don’t think it’ll ever be perfect. It’s like a mini-game where I make up the rules and decide when I’ve won. Anyway, UI Tweaking is going well. I’ve only had one quest so far where my UI interfered with a quest(A Lesson in Bravery, the “Escape Claws” button never showed up on my UI. It looks like I need to enable “extra action button bar” through bartender.)
– Lili, the child, is precocious almost to the point of annoyance. It’s a good thing I can’t shoot her because there a couple of times I have reached for those buttons.
– Color me surprised. WoW now has farming.. and player housing.. sort of. A whole new category of ways to waste time. I like the way it hand-held me through how it’s done. I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel about it after a while. I hadn’t heard about that in anything I’d read (granted I hadn’t read much).. so I’m still trying to puzzle out the point where it becomes fun. I get that it’s an easier way to get mats needed for cooking.. I’m just not sure if it’s fun or yet-another-grind.
– Second thought on player housing.. I read up on it and it seems you can decorate your house… which seems like an odd choice.. considering you’re the only one who can ever visit your house. Just.. odd.
– Last night the game hand-held me through my first Pandaran instance. At least I think that’s what was happening. Lili, Chen and Mudmug took me through Stormstout Brewery… I think we only hit the boss fights. I’ll be interested to see if the 5-man version of the boss fights mimics the single-player version. Frankly I think this is a very interesting idea. Instead of starting off the instance with NO idea of how to do the boss fights I’ve now “seen” them once and have some vague clue about what I’m supposed to be doing. Bravo Blizz.
– The cooldown on Soulswap is annoying.. but I’m not sure it’s as useful if it doesn’t leave the dots behind. Must consider.
– Thank you Poneria for the quick and dirty Pawn scale (posted in her article about Reforging by Hand). I wanted something to get me going without actually having to generate it myself and you saved me a lot of effort.
– Quests only seem to give a single reward. It just occurred to me that I haven’t had to sort through the different armor types to figure out which cloth piece is for me or different weapons to figure out what I can wield. Interesting. It certainly makes it easier.
– Wands are annoying. I think I’ve got some UI thingy twiddled that makes it so if I right-click a mob my wand automatically starts shooting it. Annoying. Need to find that to untwiddle it.. or stop using a wand.

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  1. It’s not that you can decorate your farm house so much as you reach a point where the nice panda lady comes and tidies it up for you. There’s no customizing, so everyone’s house looks the same. There isn’t a whole lot to do with your farm until you hit 90, then the challenge becomes not to let it overwhelm you with things you can do.

    Your tour of the brewery shows you the layout, but the fights in the 5-man instance are all different.

    Sounds like you haven’t tried pet battles yet. That truly is a fandabulous way to waste time….

  2. Quest rewards are now based on your class and spec, so be sure you quest with the spec you plan to raid with, if you plan to raid.

    I think the first sub-category of the User Interface Settings has the autofire or auto-attack control, which should probably be what is causing your wand issues.

  3. Welcome back to WoW. 🙂

    The single-player quest of Stormstout Brewery uses the same map as the instance, but the fights are all absolutely different. Not even similarities. Still, I like the storytelling style of those quests, and getting to feel like a hero beating on big creatures.

  4. For affliction, I took the extra soul shard instead of the soul swap glyph. I just use the shards to empower soul swap and put it out on 3-4 targets, then get all of them back when I soul drain the first to die. The soul swap glyph would save me a shard I guess, but those are not in short supply when leveling.

    And yeah, wands now work like bows, so right clicking turn on your autoattack.

  5. Well then honestly I think Blizz missed an opportunity to ease players into five mans. I’ve noticed that this expansion they’ve used a few escort-type quests to help the player to experience a boss-like fight. Where the mob does something more than just gnaw on your face. I thought it was a very smart choice.. but if you say the Stormstout Brewery fights are totally different from the single-player fights.. well then I have to say I think they missed something there. And that’s too bad.

  6. I took both.. but I think I may be swapping out the soul swap glyph.

    Oh.. and I found a weapon upgrade that was not a wand.. so I got rid of that. I’ll watch out for that in the future.

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