Demonic Gateway.. situational.. but interesting

WoWScrnShot_121812_213845Questing along I dinged 87 and barely noticed.. it turns out I also didn’t notice a new spell which showed up on my toolbar:
Demonic Gateway

Last night I was mulling over my toolbar trying to improve my casting sequence (ie, make it less awkward and make sure I’m hitting all the buttons I should be hitting) when I finally noticed this new spell.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I wonder what this does.”

So I cast it.. and spent a long while playing with it.. in fact almost the full 15 mintues. Yes.. at one point I actually did cackle with glee. It’s fun.. Possibly situational.. but still fun.

When you click the spell you get a targeting thingy which will determine where the other end of the gateway will be. The gateway will be 20-70 yards from your current location. So put down the other end of the gateway, complete the cast and you end up with a green and a purple gateway with an eye of Sauron over it. If you wait a while you start seeing more dots show up around the gateway to a maximum of 5 with new ones regenerating every 15 seconds.

When you use the gateway you get enclosed in a bubble and sped from this gateway to that gateway.

After speeding through the air it looks like I get a 15 second buff that discourages things from attacking me. It also prevents me from using the gateway until the buff expires.

Things I wonder:
– Will setting down a gateway aggro a mob? I suppose I can test this tonight by making one near something aggressive.
– I get that the gateway requires line of sight.. so I can’t jump through walls this way.. Does the gateway require me to be able to physically travel to somewhere? Can I be at the top of a cliff.. and put the gateway at the bottom of the cliff and travel that way?
– If there’s an open door.. and I place the gateway outside the door.. can I use the gateway later, after the door closes to go through the door?


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