So then I farmed some more carrots…

Christmas Bonfire at my parent's house 2012.
Christmas Bonfire at my parent’s house 2012.
Holidays were good. Got away from home and visited with the parents.. which means there was absolutely no WoW time over the break. I did get a few moments on New Years Day, after we got home, when I logged on, checked my presents under the tree and farmed some more carrots. Oh, and somewhere before I logged off for the Holiday I dinged 88.

So Ok, I get it. I have my own little personal farm. I can grow whatever I want. Yeah me. I played with it for a while.. I just grew whatever pleased me for a few days.. Witchberry, cabbage, pink turnips. Yeah just whatever. Then I realized that I’ve got random produce clogging up my bags. Let’s not even get started on all the CRAP clogging up my banker toon.. or the old Cataclysm stuff my ‘lock is -still- carrying around (because organizing your bags is WAY less interesting then running off to start questing). So after about two days I realized that just farming whatever was a silly idea and that if I was going to farm I should have a plan.

Luckily a plan jumped out at me as soon as I started to grok the new world of cooking. I now -get- that my ‘lock wants food from “The Way of the Pot”. So ok instead of leveling every path (is there any reason to do that at all?) I should focus on the Pot. Wandering down the tree it seems I want turtle meat and carrots.

A METRIC BUTT TON of carrots. Thus began my (rather boring) career as a carrot farmer.

Wow.. ok.. so boring I can’t actually think of anything else to write. So I guess I’ll stop there.

I grow carrots.. whew, glad that’s resolved.

[Edited to add:]
Here you go: bonus picture of my parent’s house. Yes, it is actually that gorgeous.

Neverdone Farmhouse December 2012
Neverdone Farmhouse December 2012

3 thoughts on “So then I farmed some more carrots…

  1. If you farm all the ways then you learn the pandaran banquet which gives you 275 stat food no matter what your need is. All the other banquets only give you 275 of a specific stat.

    So do you “need” to level all the cooking ways? No, unless you want to be able to provide the best feast for everyone in the raid group.

    You only need one person in your raid group/guild to be able to make it since it isn’t soulbound. So you could have someone else who has all the ways leveled to make it for the guild and anyone can place the feasts.

  2. Hi Nibuca,

    I’m really enjoying your blog and I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my list of warlock bloggers for my site? I’m not sure what I love more…the fact that you play Affliction, or the fact that your Anit-spam word for submitting comments was Felpuppy, or the fact your parents seem to be living in my dream home 🙂

    Please keep up the great work and I really am enjoying your thoughts on our wonderful warlock class!

    PS – If only Demonic Gateway did all the cool things you asked about. It only works on flat surfaces and with no obstructions in LoS. Bummer eh? It could be such a cool tool if they took off some of the restrictions. Geez louise! We can’t even use it in a major city anymore. Why give us cool stuff only to take it away! Bah!

    Just let me know if you don’t mind if I point people in your direction and I’ll add the link as soon as you give permission! I also about fell out of my chair because I never realized that you were the the cohost on both TNB and Overlores! OMG!! /em passes-out after bowing in respect

    I hope to hear from you soon and my best, always…


  3. Hi Amijade.
    I’d be pleased if you’d add me to your list.

    As I wrote on my About page.. I -was- a co-host on both TNB and The Overlores. At this point I think that was at least more than a year ago. But thanks 🙂


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