Little bits of random

Random Bits
Random Bits
  • Running around Kun-Lai Summit. I’m thrilled to see tumbleweeds tumbling around. That amuses me. A lot.
  • I miss Death Coil. A quick grep of teh Intarwebs shows that “Death Coil” is now the name of a Death Knight thingy.. though honestly I remembered that.. and even way back (long, long ago when I tried to level a DK) I thought it was kind of cheap that they stole our spell name. Anyway, eventually teh Intarwebs coughed up the fact that the new equivalent to Death Coil is the talent Mortal Coil. So I fiddled that talent point around to get Mortal Coil instead of ShadowFury. Stunning a group for ~8 seconds is kind of meh to me.. but causing a mob to flee in horror tickles my funny bone. Especially if you take the very lenient view to snicker about the fact that while they’re “fleeing in horror” they’re technically also “shuffling off this mortal coil”… which is a euphemism for dieing.. to death. Idaknow.. it was funny to me. I guess you just had to be there.. in my head and all.
  • Is it just me? Everytime I hit “Mortal Coil” (or back in the day, Death Coil) I think to myself: “GET OFF ME”
  • Twice I’ve almost run smack through the middle of the Horde equivalent of Westwing Rest (the village which was on fire.. but then I saved it and made it into an Alliance outpost out in the high desert which is the Kun-Lai Summit). That thing where both factions get Pandarans is really going to mess me up.
  • I’m LOVING having “Spell Lock” available to me directly on my bar (since I’ve been Sacrificing the fel puppy) instead of having to depend on the puppy being available/close enough to counteract my target. I’m sure it was possible before all this sacrificing stuff.. but I am having -way- too much fun with it.
  • Speaking of which.. because of the large amount of love I’ve expressed in the past for my fel puppy I kind of expected to feel a twinge of.. what’s that word? .. You know.. Mages feel it all the time.. Oh yeah.. guilt. Yeah, I expected to feel guilty about sacrificing my pet all the time. Turns out.. not so much. I do kind of miss the company.. The “Grumble growl” as he runs off to attack the mob. His little.. um.. antenna that just stick out at the top of the water when we are swimming.. His happy little gallop as he runs back to me after we’ve killed something. Yeah.. I kind of miss his scaly behind. But not enough to -not- sacrifice him.
    Honestly I’m kind of glad it’s this way. It always seemed kind of bass-ackwards that Demonology, the spec that gets all its benefits from having a pet, was the spec doing the sacrificing. If anything you’d expect THEM to be all touch-y feel-y about the demons.
  • Have you ever been questing in an area.. and you see a group of mobs.. and you think to yourself: “Gee, I haven’t had a quest which involves that mob.. I must not be done with this area” ? Yeah.. I’m not thrilled about that.. I want the world (and by that I mean the World of Warcraft world) to be more random.. and for things to exist in a location simply because they exist in that location.. and for no other reason.. the fact that EVERYTHING seems to have a purpose somehow abuses my willing suspension of disbelief.. and every time I have the thought.. about some group of mobs.. it kind of startles me out of the immersion. So Blizz, WTB more random mobs.. just a few.. here and there.. you know.. to keep me guessing and on my toes. Please?
  • MetaHUD is dead. Long live DHUD. That said.. the new adopted author for DHUD, MAD111CAT, has made the assumption that all Warlocks use Demonic Fury. There’s a little tiny.. never used bar which is part of the HUD and I can’t get rid of it. It’s mildly annoying.. but not annoying enough for me to actually knuckle down and learn LUA programming (though I did skim the DHUD code and couldn’t come up with an easy/obvious fix.. but skimmed it enough to know that it’s spaghetti code through and through.. and if I -did- take up LUA programming I’d have a long and frustrating OCD battle on my hands to prevent myself from “fixing” the code to be less spaghetti. Nope.. it’s just better that I leave it as is.. and ignore the silly little never-disappearing useless freaking annoying bar.)
  • One thing MetaHud did that DHUD doesn’t do is show distances to your target. I miss that. May have to search out an update to that functionality.
  • Music in all the inns in Pandara is annoying. I mean like.. grating your teeth and fleeing in terror annoying. The idea that when I “sleep” in the game.. and my toon is staying in an “inn” and my toon has to listen to that ALL NIGHT LONG.. honestly it’d be enough to make me homicidal. Even just standing still in the inn while I skimmed DHUD’s LUA code about put me on edge. *shiver*

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  1. In DHUD’s defense, LUA is not a structured language like Java or Python etc. The Spaghetti-ness of it all just kinda happens no matter how skilled you are. For my own private tools I’ve made a conscious effort to make the code organized and easy on the eyes, and it still looks a mess.

    Didn’t Mad111cat have his own variant of MetaHUD? He gets around, if so!

  2. Also, commenting is generating exceptions (harmless, it seems):

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  3. Captchas are a very small set of words. I need to add more. I suppose it’s expected that they repeat. As long as it’s not always the same word.

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