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The crack I was warned about

pettypetsAs I mentioned, I have finally trained in how to do battle petting.. hmm.. that sounds wrong.. trying again: I am now skilled in subjecting small furry (and sometimes not so furry) animals/beast/thingies to my will and very very slowly killing(or capturing) other small ani-beast-critters in pet battles. … there must be a shorter term for that.

Anyway. I’m amused that even at their strongest, the battle pets have about 1k hit points.. which means that none of these battle pets are stronger than a single tick of a single dot.. which is inline with the fact that I normally /love and then cast corruption on the critters as I run by.

In the “What’s this shit” category…
So I’m dutifully doing my questline in the Eastern Kingdom. I’ve finished all but the last guy.. the one near Karazahn. My pets are in the 16-17 level range. I head over there.. and suddenly here’s this guy I need to beat.. and he has a team of the makeup I’ve never faced before(Magical and Undead) (everything up until now has been Critter, Beast, Aquatic) AND all his pets are level 19+. No problem, I think, I’ll just spend a little time leveling my pets. The questline sent me here so there must be proper-leveled wild pets for me to fight. Sure enough I spot a Arcane Eye thingy and zortle it down. Except.. well first off, it’s a single pet in the fight.. so I easily steam roll it even though it’s higher level.. and, second off, the pop rate for that wild pet is ATROCIOUS (1-2 every 15 MINUTES). There’s NO WAY I’m going to be able to quickly find enough wild pets to do any meaningful leveling. Crap crap crap-y-stan. After spending a while Googling this I skipped ahead to the Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight and spend a -long- while fighting Dragonbone Hatchlings. They’re level 22+.. and the first few fights are hard.. but it gives good xp and is very close to the Stable Master at the base of the temple (easy to fly back and get healed up quickly). It’s also touted as a good place to jump up baby pets once you get to the point where you can reliably beat the Dragonbone Hatchlings with only 1-2 of your higher level pets. The nice thing about battling the Dragonbon Hatchlings and their crew over and over and over again.. is that I did stumble across (and capture) rares and if you do the same battle with the same wild pet groups over and over again you start noticing those -other- skills your pet has the you didn’t spec into.. and seeing them used on yourself (over and over and over again) was a good prodding to go and explore those other skills.

How is Pet Battling like Warlocking?
As I’ve been warned, this whole pet-battling thing is kind of addictive. I find that I favor self-healing or heal-harm pets (when I hit you it heals me). I’d like to say it reminds me the most of warlocking, and it does, but honestly it’s the play style that appeals most to me.. which is probably why I play a warlock instead of any of the other class. Since I’m running around in the wild, miles from a stable master, ending each fight at nearly full health is much preferred to having to hard-hitting teams that have to heal up after every battle. I’ve read that if you join the battle pet queue you leave the queue with the same health you had when you entered it.. so I suppose the preference may shift in that case.

In building the “perfect team”, I want better pet comparison tools. I want to be able to add tags to my pets.. so I can filter my pets based on the tags I add (or download). I want to be able to filter the list of all the “Beasts” I have, sorted by level that also have some kind of heal spell. That would be way more convenient than clicking on each pet (every time) and reading all the pet’s spells (every time).

Oh, also, Battle Pet bandages should be account bound.. not sit in my bag. It’s annoying to have it take up a bag slot.. and even more annoying that the bandage is going to be on that toon over there.. and not this toon (you know, the one I’m currently playing). Especially annoying if you do playing/pet battling on other servers (where I can’t just mail the bandages around). Bah.

Computer HellWelcome back to Computer Hell, population me
I finished all the Eastern Kingdom quests and all the Kalimdor quests and moved on to the Outlands quests. As I was toodling around Nagrand I jumped into a few wild pet battles. Then, in the middle of a battle my computer .. choked and died. Not Blue Screen of Death.. nope. Black screen. As in “hey the power just shut off”.. only the rest of the house still had power.. so I thought to myself.. “Gee, that’s weird”.

I went back to playing.. and about 10 mintues later the same thing happened. Middle of a pet battle, my comptuer zorts and has no power.. and yet still the rest of the house has power.

Deep secret: I have a degree in Computer Science.. but, as I have written before: “I hate hardware. With every fiber of my being. I hate having to mess with it. I hate having to diagnose it.. I hate having to fiddle with it. I can -do- it.. but every moment of the experience is excruciating..and makes me violent. Add to that.. it never turns out well.. I only fiddle with hardware when itโ€™s not working.. and almost invariable.. the fiddling ends only when I give up and throw more money at the problem.” *Deep Sigh*

Teh Intarwebs says nothing about pet battles causing crashes.. but it does say that “too much dust” in your computer can cause similar symptoms. I popped the case open and Oh, boy, yeah a layer of dust coated everything (future note: I really should take the computer outside before I blow the dust out of it)(also, have you looked in your case lately? Coatings of dust shorten computer lifespans and decrease your computer performance.. you should fix that). I blew the dust out, rebooted.. and within 10 mintues, again, the computer crashed. A few more queries of the Internet and it says that if blowing out the dust doesn’t work then maybe you have something that’s overheating.. and hey, here’s some software to check the temperature of your components. I ran the software and everything looked good except for the #2 GPU. According to the software that GPU was on FIRE at 109 degrees C. OMG. Ok.. yeah that’s not good.

Dead Fan.  Not in the picture, but it also has 2 pin plug.
Dead Fan. Not in the picture, but it also has 2 pin plug.
I have a “SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB” which is a gigantic beast and has two processors.. and one fan cooling each of those processors. Using my keen knowledge of computers (as in while the computer was on I touched each of the fans) I figured out that one of the fans on the video card was not spinning. After much mucking (where I did swap the fans around and confirmed that the power plug in on the card works but one of the fans has totally given up the ghost and is not working) I’ve determined that I need to either replace the fan ($20) or replace the video card ($100+). I like the cheap version.

This is actually a great video card.. and considering the rest of the computer is 4+ years old I think it’s silly to buy a new top of the line video card for it (pearls on a pig and all that). That said.. finding a replacement fan is turning out to be more difficult than I’d expect. It turns out that there are a b-zillion different kinds of little bitty fans.. and teh Intarwebs is not exactly forthcoming with suggestions for simple swap replacements.

At the moment I -think- I’ve found a replacement.. it’s been ordered and is on it’s way. If it works I’ll update this blog post with a link to what I got and from where. But in the meantime, no WoW for me until it’s fixed.

I wonder what’s on TV.

5 thoughts on “The crack I was warned about

  1. My understanding is that pet bandages will be account-bound in 5.2, so there’s that.

    NPC tamers will get harder faster than the wild pets do. The guy at the end of the Outland string is a right bastard when you first meet him, and the one at the end of Northrend isn’t named Major Payne for nothing. However, as the breadth and depth of your roster improve, they do eventually become farmable. Even some of the ones with legendary quality pets…

  2. Pet damage-heal talents are underpowered, they simply don’t do enough of either to be that useful really. If I can put up a shell, there is no way you are going to kill me before I kill you.

  3. @Ratshag
    Yeah for moving pet bandages out of my bags. I’ve gone back (after leveling my pets a bit) and have done the karazahn guy twice now and once my pets had sufficient level (and I leveled up a specific counter to his pet group) I found the fight fairly easy.

    At the moment I’ve only done wild pet battles and the master pet trainer battles. I hadn’t really noticed the hurt/heal pet being especially weak. What I had noticed is that it’s easier to capture a pet when I have a true heal-myself pet who can heal without hurting the thing I’m trying to capture.

    Also, the computer makes dumb choices sometimes in wild pet battling. In Dragonblight I won a lot of battles against the MUCH higher level wild pets there because the computer would spam the “Hawkeye” ability round after round (I assume because it was off cooldown) instead of actually attacking with the increased crit strike. I’m sure a human opponent won’t make the same mistakes.. but at the moment, dumb stuff like that is making the wild pet battles much easier.

    Still, good to know for the future. Thanks

  4. Totally relate to over-heating PCs. Had the same issue a few months ago when the fan in my power supply went out. You could tap case and it would start spinning for a few more rotations.. I considered replacing just the PS fan, but the task of opening it up was too daunting and a replacement PS was only $40. I got mine off NewEgg.

  5. Heya Nibuca,

    This is why I don’t pet battle. With everything I’ve read from writers like you, Navimie, Tome and a few others I’m scared of another addiction.

    Had the same problem on my old Nvidia card a few years back. Turns out that a new power supply unit was running a lot hotter than my previous one. Added another door fan a voila! problem was fixed for me for $12.00 ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope it goes that easy for you as well.

    Also, I hate to trouble you, but would you mind sending me your email address? I’m writing a lot of the famous warlock bloggers about an idea I’m kicking around and I’d like to see if you’d be interested. You can reach me at amijadethewarlock AT

    Have a great weekend and when I do finally make the jump to pet battles, I’ll let ya know. My biggest problem is pet collecting on my hunter is already bad enough. Do I really want more rare hunting in my life?

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