Down for the count

sportsComputer’s still dead. Nothing on TV. Tracking company has helpfully told me that the new replacement fan is in the mail somewhere.. but gives no estimate on delivery date. So we wait.

In the meantime I stumbled on this:
Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual: The Decline and Fall of Warlocks in Cataclysm

It’s a great read. I’d be interested in a follow up now that the Mists of Pandara changes are live.

That said.. I dropped out of warlocking (and WoW in general) for reasons completely unrelated to the game (Real life strikes Nibuca. Nibuca is stunned. Oh, she’s down for the count folks…). I’m kind of glad I missed the madness that was the end of Cataclysm Affliction Warlockery. Just reading about it makes my head ache. So far, and keep in mind I’m still leveling and have NO idea about raiding, Affliction seems ok. There’s a fair amount of buttons to push.. but not too many. If anything I think I’ve now got too many “oh shit” buttons. In leveling (of course) I’ve been fairly lax about paying attention to all those buttons.. I suspect I’ll need to do better if I want to start raiding. We’ll see.

1 thought on “Down for the count

  1. Hey Nibuca, I haven’t seen an official post, but he has commented that he likes warlocks in MOP.

    I like how the Warlock class is playing in Mists; it’s so very different from Cataclysm. We are far removed from the class which inspired Decline. I really don’t have much to say about it aside from that it’s fun again. (source)

    Raiding for me will only ever be the LFR. I made my first pass last night after finally reaching the 460 required gear level. Fights were fun, but LFR is simply a 25 man dungeon. All the ‘complicated’ mechanics are basically missing. At least in part 1.

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