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Vale of Eternal Meh

grumpy-girl2Last night I had a grump.

I’m playing through Kun-Lai Summit and I got to the part where I saw the opening of the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

[ Aside:
So.. ok. The gate is now open. I’m just going to keep my mouth closed about how dang silly a “great wall of Pandaria with a gate” is for a hidden land which hasn’t been opened since early in the mists of time.. on.. you know, on a planet where flying is NORMAL and as easy as buying a flying mount. I don’t think their secret land is as secret as they think.

Frankly having run around in it for a (very short) while the only thing I can come up with is that the only reason it’s stayed empty is because everyone who has flown in there eventually just wandered off.. because Damn that place is boring. Pretty.. but nothing exciting going on there. *yawn* ]

So anyway, after that first quest.. where they send you off to discover the raid instance, the inn and all the amenities..as I’m turning in that first quest I think: “OK Finally .. maybe something momentous is going to happen here.. maybe it will get interesting”.. yeah.. whatever. Right after I turned in the first quest the quest giver pipes off with “Oh.. you’re not strong enough yet.. you should come back later when you’re stronger…”..

Because you know.. the difference between 89.7 (where I am) and 90 is HUGE. Whole swathes of hugeness. Meh.

I suppose it’s all dailies and raiding.. and reserved for 90.. but honestly.. Meh.

So instead of happily questing along I’m stopped dead in my tracks and am now backtracking to figure out what I need to do to finish out Kun-Lai. Meh.. double Meh.

Ok.. in all fairness I probably would have hit 90 yesterday except that I spent most of the night frittering my time away on pet battles. Shut up.. I was entertained.. and I can have fun however I want to.. well I tamed 3 new rare pets… and discovered that that whole quest line of “beat all the tamers everywhere”.. there’s an Alliance version AND a Horde version.. so if you have high enough level’d toons on either side you can complete the quests twice on your account. That’s like twice the chance at the silly bag of pet stuff. *sigh* yes, you’re right.. it’s a silly waste of time.. but I had fun.. so I’m going to say that’s all that matters.

Oh hey ya, I forgot to add. The fan came in for the video card.. it was the right size but had the wrong connector (a big 2 pin connector instead of a small 2 pin connector) I didnt want to mess with swapping the connector so I bought a duplicate replacement card off of Ebay and installed that instead. My system is now up and running smoothly.. and hey.. now I have at least one working replacement fan in my parts closet.

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  1. Seemed a bit whacky to me as well the first character through the mill. From what I have observed the quest to unlock that zone and get access to the “city” is available and can be done the moment you turn 88. That gives you a good central hearth point with all the facilities and portals to continue on with whatever questing you enjoy (or pet battles if that floats your boat).

    I was also a bit miffed when I ran into the old “your not strong enough” quest block but overall they have done a good job with breadcrumb lead quests giving you hints as where to pick up another quest node and carry on.

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