Srsly Blizz?

WoWScrnShot_020313_095258Seriously.. WTF? What’s the big idea putting a battle pet out in the middle of the ponds? It’s a damn fool thing if you ask me.. I can’t battle it while I’m swimming.. and I can’t battle it while I’m walking on water. The only thing I can do is kill it and hope it spawns elsewhere, closer to the shore. SERIOUSLY? That’s just FRUSTRATING!

To be fair, it started out with me failing utterly to beat Major Payne. I mean it was embarassing. He totally kicked my team’s ass. I didn’t even make it past a single one of his pets. After thinking about it for a while, regrouping.. and reading comments on Wowhead I decided that I needed to tame the Effervescent Glowfly and add that to my “Anti-Major Payne” pet team.

This meant running off to Vale of the Eternal Blossom and quickly grabbing one.. and then leveling it back up to 25. I quickly nabbed an uncommon one, did quite a few pet battles and then, just before it dinged 25, I ended up battling a RARE Effervescent Glowfly.. which I, of course, captured. So then I leveled -that- one up to 25. In all those battles I ran across, and tamed, rares for all but one of the pets in VotEB. So here I am.. 5/6 rare pets in the area tamed when I set out to look for #6, the Dancing Water Skimmer.

WowHead is kind of emphatic that if you’re in the middle of doing Goldon Lotus dailies these critters will be out-of-phase with you which will make it hard both to tame one.. and to get the /love critter achievement. Luckily I haven’t yet started on those dailies. So I flew off to the right area and found them right off the bat. Unfortunately 90% of them are out of reach in the middle of a lake. I was able to find an uncommon one close to the shore.. but the rest of them are out of reach. This is making the taming of a rare version kind of difficult.

My current plan is to target/kill any Dancing Water Skimmer battle pets that spawn out of reach of the shore. Then I go up and down the river an target/kill any of the critter versions that -are- in reach of the shore. I do not kill any of the critter version which are > 25 yards from shore. The theory is that by killing the tagged battle pets.. and only killing the in-reach critters eventually the tagged battle pets will spawn in reach. That’s the theory anyway.

Because I’m a completionist I plan to follow this course of action until I get the rare.. -THEN- I’ll start on Golden Lotus dailies.