I could have been a contender…

OnTheWaterfront1On Monday it occurred to me that I’ve been getting Valor points in doing my tiller daily quests.. and I started to wonder, “Do I have any other currencies? and are they in danger of capping?”. I finally figured out how to open my currency tab and sure enough, I had 4,000 justice points.. which means sure enough, it’s capped. So ok. I need to spend these things.. what do I spend them on?***

The obvious answer is gear.. but in order to figure out which gear would be the best purchase I first had to figure out what gear I needed.

On Tuesday I thrashed around for a while on the Internet and ended up using for the most part. I like MaxDPS well enough.. but that’s only because I hadn’t really spent a lot of time with AskMrRobot.

Anyway, from MaxDPS I figured out my gear list. The method I used was kind of manual.. and now that I’m playing with it I’m sure AskMrRobot could have made that a lot easier.. but I didn’t start playing with that until AFTER I’d already figured out my first cut at a gear list. My gear list pretty much boiled down to: level your tailoring, make a full set of Contender’s Silk gear, buy two pieces off the AH and then get two Justice pieces (chest and cloak).

From the AH I did end up purchasing the Ritualistic Sickle(a world drop) and Inscribed Jade Fan(crafted by inscription) for a sum total of about 2k g. These two drops were near the top of their perspective lists and turned out to be relatively inexpensive from the AH.

While leveling I’ve been saving all my cloth drops and sending them off to my banker toon. Mats from Pandaria were not included in the clean sweep sale (which BTW has so far netted me over 5k gold across two different servers). I sent all the cloth back from my banker toon and then followed an Internet guide about how to get to 600 tailoring. It ended up taking about an hour and 90 bolts of cloth.. I had 96.

This gave me: Contender’s Silk Cowl, Contender’s Silk Amice, Contender’s Silk Cuffs, Contender’s Silk Handwraps, Contender’s Silk Belt, and Contender’s Silk Footwraps.

If I wasn’t a tailor I could have purchased these off the AH.. on my server they’re about 500g/piece.

Finally I ended up flying out to Townlong Steppes to visit the Justice quartermaster and I bought the Robe of Quiet Meditation and Cloak of Ancient Curses. Those two pieces had the highest bang for the buck that allowed me to get two pieces.

Next on my JP shopping list are: Arcane Badge of the Shieldwall, Leggings of Unfinished Conquest, Etched Golden Loop and Necklace of Jade Pearls.

I also noted that I have quite a few upgrades that come from the reputation Operations:Shield Wall. I should really figure out what that is.. and where to start on it.

Finally I spent some quality time with the Arcane reforger. By this time I’d stumbled on AskMrRobot and I found the reforging suggestions there to be stellar. Based on AskMrRobot I also tweaked my in-game Pawn settings.

I also -finally- realized that in Mists of Pandaria, suddenly Expertise is an interesting stat for Warlocks. I updated my page about Warlock: Hit Rating. I’d appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer on that.

At the end of all the gear updates I am at an average iLevel of 444 and just shy of hit capped. This qualifies me to do 5-man Heroics. That said, it feels odd to completely skip regular dungeons entirely.. but I’m not going let a little odd feeling stop me.

***Speaking of which. I’m a little bit annoyed. With the release of patch 5.2 Blizz has announced that they’re going to change all of your valor points into justice points.. and if this pushes you over the JP cap they’re going to pay you in gold. They’re also dropping the cost of some/a lot(?) of the VP items so they’ll be cheaper after the patch. This annoys me in that I have only just barely started accumulating VPs and I suspect before I ever have a chance to spend them Blizz is going to convert my sparkly new VPs into JPs. Yeah.. so I’m just a bit annoyed. Blizz changed their mind. They’re not converting valor to justic. The game is saved. (Source)

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  1. Oh man! I probably should have told you to go do “The Arena of Annihilation” quest first. (You only complete one scenario for it.) You get Liuyang’s Lovvely Longstaff (ilvl 450). Probably works out to be about the same as your 2-piece setup. And you’ll eventually have to use the Inscribed Jade Fan later anyway. So, not a huge loss. But yeah… AskMrRobot is pretty sweet. 😀

  2. So, if the current Valor gear will cost less Valor, why would anyone spend Valor on it instead of saving up to buy the next tier of Valor gear… assuming there will be a new tier of Valor gear in the 5.2 patch…

  3. I guess that depends on whether you’re an instant gratification type person.

    The day the 5.2 launches all of your Valor becomes Justice and the things you were planning to buy get cheaper, BUT there will be new Smexy items available that are bigger and better than the older (now cheaper) items.

    Do you:
    1. Keep accumulating Valor points and wait until you have enough to just skip the old gear OR
    2. Buy the older (now cheaper) gear as soon as you have the (now lower) requisite amount of valor points?

    If you’re slow to accumulate VPs then it may make sense to buy the old stuff as a stop gap.. especially if you’re planning to upgrade it.. BUT you’re probably right that the path many will follow will be to just wait until they have enough points to buy the bigger better item.

    The important thing to keep in mind now, if you have a good stash of Valor points.. do you spend them now, before they convert to Justice points on something that will (in a few weeks) be the lower tier of valor items.. or do you wait.. and just let the currency convert? For myself.. if I was sitting on the valor tokens.. I’d spend them now because I’d feel robbed if the points got converted over to justice points.

  4. My advice is to do scenarios rather than heroics. You have a high chance to get 463 ilvl gear in your goodie bag (rather than the possibility of nothing but plate/mail/leather from heroic boss drops), and most scenarios are over in 10-15 minutes, so you can do 2 or 3 in quick time. Just try to avoid Theramore!

  5. As affliction warlock you should never forge out of mastery and always forge the highest secondary stat into mastery if no mastery is on the item. Mastery is that good for us. Being at the hit cap is less important then stacking mastery (for affliction warlocks). The reason for that is that dot ticks can’t be resisted and pandemic allows you to refresh the dot early enough to recast a resisted dot.

    See “DPS Scale Factors (dps increase per unit stat)” on the following page which has links to lootrank and wowhead:

    And I would recommend using the add-on ReforgeLite instead of reforging by hand with the help of Mr. Robot. That’s much more convenient. You can adjust the scale factors used.

  6. I understand that is the prevailing thinking (that hit is less important and you shouldn’t aim to get hit capped) but I don’t -like- it..and I don’t yet know what the “real” difference is in terms of DPS.

    Add to that.. I don’t like the -feel- of missing. AskMrRobot puts me at about 5% hit when I follow the SimulationCraft recommended stat weights. That translates to 1 in 10 casts missing. I dislike that so much…. you can’t even imagine. I think I dislike that MORE than I dislike “lower dps”.

    I want to do a few runs of SimulationCraft with and without hitting hit cap and see what the delta is. There’s a difference between “your dps is lower if you aim for hit cap” and “your DPS is 0.08% lower if you aim for hit cap”. Keep in mind, I’m also not willing to change my race into an orc, nor am I willing to drop tailoring/herbalism to take up engineering/enchanting.

  7. That’s fair enough. Fun comes first unless you hold others back (which you, of course, don’t with reforging into hit :).

    You don’t have to sim it out for an estimation. The dmg loss is 0.24 dps (2.77-2.53) for every point of mastery that you reforge into hit (or every point of hit that you don’t reforge into mastery). Nibuca has 3662 hit and 3819 mastery. Reforging all hit into mastery, if that would be possible, would increase your dps by 878.

    I just wanted to point out that hit is no longer the mathematically single best stats for affliction warlocks.

  8. Adding a note: Blizz changed their mind. They’re no longer going to be converting Valor to Justice and excess Justice to gold. This pleases me.

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