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Scenarios: A Little Patience

Yeah.. ok I don’t get it.

At some point while leveling I picked up the quest “A Little Patience” which wanted to send me into a scenario. I held onto it for a few days.. first off, I am still kind of puzzled about what a scenario is.. and once I figured out what it was (kind of like a dungeon, kind of like a group quest, except you don’t need specific roles.. supposedly) then my plan originally was to read up about the scenario before I tried it. BUT THEN I HAD A “BRILLIANT IDEA” {cue ominous music}

If Blizz has done their homework.. and it’s true that anyone can jump into a scenario at any time, with no specific roles.. then it shouldn’t be required for me to research the scenario before I jump into it. If Blizz has done right… then once I get in the scenario it should be OBVIOUS what I should do. RIGHT? Yeah, not so much.

WoWScrnShot_021213_222644I zoned in and recognize that I’m in Krasarang Wilds and I see an agruement between King Varian Wrynn and Tyrande Wisperwind.. and I get that the king doesn’t want to just straight up attack the temple… but Tyrande just wants to storm the castle. Yeah.. got it. But.. so ok.. what am I supposed to be doing in the meantime? There a timer.. it says I have 10 minutes.. 10 minutes until what? Or 10 minutes to do what? Ah, ok, 0/2 Defenses Constructed.. so I guess I need to construct defenses.. {because.. as a warlock that’s exactly what I’ve trained to do all along.}

On my mini-map I finally notice dots for other people in this scenario so I run towards them. Hoping, beyond hope, that maybe if I watch them I’ll figure out what I’m supposed to do.

WoWScrnShot_021213_223338The others in the scenario were a pally tank and shaman healer. They seemed to mount up and run around a lot.. and occasionally attack things. So following their lead I mounted up, ran around and occasionally attacked things. I also noticed some plants which could be picked up. When I picked up the plant it told me it was useful at a construction site.. but didn’t tell me where the construction site was.. or how to use the plant at the construction site.

I guess we have two construction sites.. one with gnomes running around it.. and another with Jinyu running around it. Clicking on some of the glow-y piles at the construction sites sometimes seemed to do something.. while clicking on other glow-y piles seemed to do nothing. But even when it did something.. it just gave me a message.. and I wasn’t sure what exactly that had accomplished. Not sure what I was doing there. Eventually we got one.. and then the other construction site constructed.. but still.. totally uncertain what I was supposed to be doing to hurry this along.

WoWScrnShot_021213_223633Eventually we moved into phase two. I assume the other two in the group did whatever was needed to push us along to phase two since I’m fairly certain I was a helpful as nipples on a chicken. Following their lead I mounted up and rode down to the bottom-left-hand side of the stairs.. then, when the elite orcs came out we ran around behind them to engage the boss orc.

Ok, this part I get. Finally! Something I understand. We fought the boss. DPS DPS DPS, run away from red glow-y eyes. Yeah. I understand this. Eventually we downed him.. and won.. and then everyone dropped group and left.

So I’m left.. still.. a little bit puzzled by the whole experience.

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  1. That scenario is a little confusing at first. The two construction areas should be shown on your mini-map. The first thing to do is to go to a construction site. You’ll see 2 or 3 elements you can click on. If you click on them, they will tell you what items they need.

    Thing is to go to the site before you do anything, and find out what you need. That will give you the direction that makes this scenario sensible.

    Then you go get the item, come back, and use the element. This starts a buff with increases the speed of construction. So it’s basically finding out what items a specific site needs, then getting those items and keeping the buff rolling until construction is finished.

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