All sticky with love

WoWScrnShot_021913_223407Way back in 2009 I completed “What a long strange trip it’s been“. Since then I’ve mostly ignored the holiday “Love is in the Air” until two days ago.

1. I finally realized that the holiday boss(boss-triplet?) is easy and has a chance to drop epic items. Items with higher ilvl than I’m currently rocking. Add to that, you can do the bosses repeatedly.. and the queue is about 5 mintutes even as a DPS.

2. I happened to read an article on WowInsider about the Peddlefoot battle pet..and realized I’ve never gotten one. This lead to a mad scramble to figure out how to buy the silver arrow.. and then how to quickly acquire 40 love tokens. It took two days.

Added Bonus: in my second heart shaped box I got a Toxic Wasteling..