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Whar’s ma DPS.. AGAIN?

gnome_girl1I picked up Mists of Pandaria ~3 months after the initial launch. It took me 1 month to level to 90. Considering I was only leveling a few days a week.. and I took a week or so off when my video card died and to experience battle pets I think it’s safe to say that by the time I hit 90 and -started- doing heroics most everyone else in my random heroic group has been running these same heroics for nearly 4 months.

I can almost feel them /pat me on the head when I announce at the beginning of each run that “I’ve never run this Heroic before so I’d appreciate any pointers you have”.

For them, this instance is old hat. They know which way you go, where you stand, how you pull the boss, whether you spread out, stand 45 degrees off of each other or stack up. For the most part they already have the loot off the boss so they aren’t carefully scrutinizing each drop to figure out if they need it and if it’s an upgrade. They are running willy-nilly out of the room -while- I scrutinize the loot making it very difficult to keep up/know which way to go. They’ve already completed the quests.. so they’re not looking for sparkly things as they go through the instance.. nor are they completing the instance only to find that they must have missed one of the quest items (only to have that silly quest sit half finished in their quest log).

They’re also geared. Or at least more geared than I am. This means that so far there have been zero deaths in the heroics I’ve run, and thank goodness too.. because I’m not sure I could remember which direction to go to find the group if I -did- die.

Lastly, because they’re geared (and I hope it’s a gearing issue) they’re VASTLY out DPSing me. I think in my first few heroics I was bumping along at about 11k DPS.

Now keep in mind, my mind is still spinning at the fact that I’m doing 11k+ dps.. I can remember my very first dungeons EVER as a Warlock I was bumping along at 550 dps and it was a DPS wall I had a lot of trouble breaking through(Whar’s ma DPS? (Part II)). So bumping along at 11k DPS and seeing others at 57-93k DPS in the same run just spins my head a little.

I -think- I’ve decided it’s a gear issue. I got a few upgrades and enchanted a few of my pieces I expect will be around for a while and my DPS jumped from 11k to 35k. I will admit my eyes havne’t yet adjusted to DPSing in an instance. It’s taking me a while to get the swing of SB+SS multiple mobs in a big pull so that has probably also done my DPS no good. I am pleased that so far no one has called me out. I’m also a little bit pleased (and feel free to call me petty) that last night I out-dps’d a rogue in a random group. It’s good to sometimes not be at the utter bottom.

That said.. my fiance plays a paladin. Normally he’s a tank. At this point he’s quit the game. His stated reason is that the game is boring.. and the group of people we played with have evaporated and he has better things to do with his time. An underlying reason, which came out last night, is that he was also late starting this expansion.. and as painful as I’m finding it to bump along at low DPS.. it’s nearly impossible to run the instance as a tank who doesn’t know which way we’re going nor how to tank this boss as different from that boss. He’s never been behind the curve.. and I think found the experience SO frustrating that he has completely given up. This makes me sad.

At least as DPS I can catch up eventually. I think his only choice would be to queue as DPS to see the flow of the instances.. and hope to pick up tanking gear along the way.

How do you catch up when you start out so far behind?

3 thoughts on “Whar’s ma DPS.. AGAIN?

  1. I agree, looks like gear. You and I are both sporting around the same gear level. I haven’t been running a dps addon, so I am not sure what my actual dps is.. 😉

    I am having a terribad time gearing up outside of buying it off the AH. Checking AMR, I see that you haven’t reforged that many items. They’re actually suggesting you drop your hit score and putting more points into haste and mastery. Combing the reforge export with the reforgerade addon, you can make the reforge into 2 clicks. Sadly you missed “Love is in the air” and the 480 dps neck that dropped off there. What’s the next holiday, Children’s week??

  2. I didn’t “miss” love is in the air so much as I only did limited attempts.. and in those attempts the boss never dropped the neck piece for me.

    Actually I -have- reforged quite a bit.. but I’ve been using MrRobot’s “PvE: Hit Cap Build” which is aiming for about 15% hit (which is needed for raid bosses) without sacrificing -too- much hit. See here at the bottom for my mini-rant about getting to hit cap.

    That said.. since I’m currently only doing heroics I really only need 12% hit, not the 15% that I’m currently sporting so it may be worth while to follow the Default build at least for now while I’m only doing Heroics and Scenarios.


  3. As far as gear upgrades go, my current plan is to work on Klaxxi, be sure to do my daily Heroic and to hit up a lot of Scenarios. Scenarios seem to occur most in the upgrades listed on MrRobot.

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