Nothing rhymes with scenario

WoWScrnShot_022813_220829I continue to be dissatisfied with scenarios. I’ve run a few an I keep running into the same problems. Simply put, they’re confusing.

When I’m doing a quest if I’m confused about what I’m supposed to do, or what to do next I consult the quest text. Usually there, carefully spelled out, is the instructions for this quest(“Oh! I’m supposed to take their picture with the camera, not kill them.. ok”). Rarely beyond that I need to consult the comments on WowHead to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

With Scenarios I’m finding that I miss the quest text and I am OFTEN confused about what I’m supposed to be doing or how I’m supposed to satisfy the requirements.

For example:
Last night I finished the Greenstone Village Scenario.

Part 1 “Rescue the Villagers” was frustrating since I (and eventually my whole group) got put in a green bubble and died because no one knew they needed to pop the bubbles. And, since I’ve been running Sacrifice, I didn’t have a pet out.** If I were Blizz I’d put some kind of timer on the bubbles.. ie, you can’t do anything and you’re trapped in this bubble for 30 seconds.. and it’s going to take away 80% of your health unless it’s popped. First time out the gate the bubble totally blind-sided me and managed to kill my whole group. Other than that it was pretty easy to figure out. Free these people so you can move on.

Part 2 “Rescue the Dojo” was frustrating because honestly I hadn’t identified which building was the Dojo. I was pretty close to the building when the stage changed.. I think it would have been easier to understand what was happening if I’d seen the big attacking dude walk up to the Dojo.. walk inside and start fighting. As it was he seems to have just appeared there. Other than that it was a pretty standard tank/spank.

Part 3 “Recover Burgled Barrels” was frustrating because the task text said “Return the barrels” but offered no suggestion as to where to return them to. It’s possible that the NPC said something.. but I didn’t see it. Eventually we figured out that they were to be “returned” to the Dojo.. but it wasn’t obvious. Updating the text to read: “Return the barrels to the Dojo” would have made this a lot simpler.

Part 4 “Rescue Greenstone Masons” At this point I did actually pop my map open.. and was surprised to notice that there were pointers on the map which made the location of the Masons much easier to figure out. I may need to make sure to pop the map open in future scenarios when I’m confused. Anyway, I did notice the NPC said he’d given us “Volatile Greenstone Brew” but the NPC really didn’t say what to use it for. Add to that, I looked for it in my bag and couldn’t find it. It turned out to be one of those weird buttons that shows up in the middle of your screen (can that be keybound to something?) so it took me a while to identify it. Even after I identified it -I- figured that we were supposed to use the brew to wake up the Masons. When triggering the brew near a mason didn’t actually do anything I was terribly confused.

Final Stage “Defeat Vengeful Hui” Again, this is DPS, I get DPS. The only thing that caught me off-guard was the fact that -NOW- is when the brew comes in terribly handy. Using the brew NOW easily kills the spawns. Again.. not obvious and not the first thing I tried.

In all.. it’s just .. confusing. I suppose I should be happy that it’s not leading me by the hand.. and I should have some warm glow of accomplishment when I get it done.. instead I’m just kind of getting the “Thank God that’s done” feeling. I accept that these will be easier the second time through (though in some cases with other scenarios I -still- haven’t figured out what I was supposed to be doing)

Since Blizz has engineered scenarios to have a very fast pop rate.. and it seems that all the best upgrades come from there I know that I’ll keep doing them. I just wish they had been better implemented.

**Later the scenario was frustrating because I pulled my pet out.. and it was only frustrating because I had to re-organize my spell bar to make the pet command accessible.. (which I needed to do anyway…***) But this annoyance/frustration was of my own making and not something particular to the scenario.

***The winds of change they are a-blowing. Reviewing the patch notes for 5.2 makes me think that Blizz is a little bit miffed that Affliction is running around without a pet.. and they want to make us want to have our pet out (or at least have it be an “interesting” choice we make on a case-by-case basis).. first by nerfing the goodness that is Sacrifice and second by buffing things which are NOT sacrifice. With that in mind.. I have a feeling that things may change post-patch.. and decided it’s in my best interest to get my fingers used to having the pet button back on my bar. Which entailed a complete re-order/re-though of the spell bar.. but meh, whatever.

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  1. You can create a macro that you can then map to any key and keybind it accordingly for the button you get in certain fights. As it’s also used in raids, I highly recommend having it easily accessible. The macro is simple: /click ExtraActionButton1

    I never really thought scenarios were that confusing, and I don’t even know what green bubbles you mentioned in Greenstone Village. Have done the scenario maybe a dozen times. Both the minimap and the map clearly indicate where you have to go. As long as the group sticks together, it should be fairly straightforward. The only scenarios that are on the problematic side are when people run off in different directions.

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