I can haz Epic Neck?

rm_robotI logged into AskMrRobot this morning to see what new updates are available and where best to spend my valor/justice points after the patch and I spotted a link that says “Get a level 522 neck TODAY!

Yes please.

The sad part, for me, is that I can’t log into the game again until next week. But you better believe I’ll be plunking down my valor the next day I get to log in.

BTW: AskMrRobot rocks my socks. Well worth the $12/year for full features. Just sayin’

Added bonus: MrRobot confides that new epic neck would put me at average ilvl 460. Noice!

1 thought on “I can haz Epic Neck?

  1. The neck is a nice upgrade. Pushed me into the 470 range and can start queueing up for the next level of LFR.

    The QM is found easily when you do all the quests for the zone. I also managed to grab a key during the quests and you can turn it in at the guy standing right there as well.

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