Sneaking into Thunder Dome

mad-max-beyond-thunderdome-607x455 On Sunday I finally got a chance to log in and try out the new 5.2 Shadow-Pan Assault stuff. In general I like the dailies.. honestly I -love- being a leaping lizard. In specific.. I dislike doing dailies that don’t result in an immediate reputation gain. I -get- that I’m moving the needle along for unlocking the content.. but it’s dissatisfying. It’s ESPECIALLY dissatisfying since my chance of experiencing the unlocked content and getting into the raid is nearly null.. and yet the good gear is gated by a reputation that I can’t get unless I run the raid. That’s just annoying.

Regardless, eventually my curiosity got the best of me. I can’t stand to be kept out of an area by a silly little wall. So I wandered off to check things out.

Finding #1: The Thunder King’s tugboat is kinda spiffy looking.

Finding #2: Sheer cliff walls are sheer.

Thunder Dome
Thunder Dome

Finding #3: I totally snuck in the back door and poked around in Thunder Dome. (Saurok slaves totally hate Eye of Kilrogg)

The two mini-bosses up there are pretty cool. I managed to down both of them. Of the two, the blood one (Fleshcrafter Hoku) was the more difficult. I didn’t see any Troves up there.. I don’t know if that’s because there aren’t any until the content is unlocked.. or if I didn’t see one because I’d already gotten a Trove that day. Dunno. Eventually I got bored with poking around forbidden content and went back to the new dailies.

Robo-Dinosaurs go RAWR!
Robo-Dinosaurs go RAWR!

I am a little bit puzzled. At the end of running the dailies I was checking with the quartermaster and found that one of the trinkets would be a HUGE upgrade for me. The Trinket requires Friendly reputation. So I checked my rep with SPA. I’m currently at neutral 290/3000. The curious part is I haven’t run the raid at all.. so the fact that I have -any- reputation with SPA is very curious. Teh Intarwebz says that the only way to get that reputation is through the raid. So.. I guess my current plan is to see if I can jump into a few trash runs on the raid and then use that to get up to 2999/3000 neutral and then do a quest to get into friendly. Can I even do trash runs if my gear is below the raid limit?

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  1. I know I picked up about 600 SPA rep from a quest reward.

    You won’t be able to raid LFR until your gear improves, but if you can get into a 10/25 man raid, there’s no ilevel requirement. (average ilevel 480 I believe)

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