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rocketsnailMeanwhile, while leveling my new Shaman…
I’ve always felt that I’m a slow leveler. I have a smattering of toons in the mid 30s/40s and only two have ever been at max level for an expansion. I’m pleased that leveling Sapph, my Pandaran, has so far seemed to go more quickly. I’m sure it’s because Blizz smoothed out the leveling with the release of Cataclysm.. and it’s totally helped by the account-bound +experience heirlooms.. but I also noticed that Pandas have a racial perk, Inner Peace, which increases their leveling speed. Or rather the amount of time they get to level with rested experience anyway. All good things.

+experience Heirlooms:
The heirloom shoulders, chest pieces, cloaks, helms, legs and the ring grant staking experience gains. Up to a total of 50% additional experience. Sadly the ring is only available by winning the Kalu’ak Fishing Derby.

I found this very helpful chart in a comment on WowHead. Though the costs may be off.

?   SLOT     ?      OBTAINED FROM          ?      COST      ?
? Helm       ? Guild - Level 20            ?          1500G ?
? Shoulders  ? WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors      ? 2175JP or 60CS ?
? Chest      ? WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors      ? 2175JP or 60CS ?
? Legs       ? Guild - Achievement         ?                ?
? Cloak      ? Guild - Level 10            ?          1200G ?
? Ring       ? Kalu'ak Fishing Derby       ?    Win Tourney ?
? Trinkets   ? WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors      ? 2725JP or 75CS ?
? Weapons*   ? WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors      ? 2175JP or 60CS ?

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