Impish by nature


Well how about that…

<Caffeine> went into ICC-25 on Friday/Saturday. For the first time in 25s they downed Putricide. I wasn’t there. I went out of town and went camping. I’m so proud I could just about burst. So now we’re 11/12 in ICC-10 and 8/12 in ICC-25.

“Ok, last attempt guys”

What is it about those words? 2 hours of wiping on the boss.. we’ve got 10 minutes left.. so I say “Ok, last attempt guys” and BOOM we went from only getting it 75% done to getting it totally done. Seriously, I’m thinking about using […]

Post 1000

This is post 1000. That’s a lot to say on one topic(that one topic being WoW). Unfortunately I have nothing today worthy of being the thousandth idea. Caffeine has suddenly doubled in size. On Saturday we did our first 25-man raid. We fielded 20 of […]

Guild Management Administrivia

I feel like I’m going to be playing shell game.. but I need to fiddle our guild ranks. Blizzard allows you to have 10 guild ranks. You can only add ranks to the bottom of the list. The addon Guild Re-rank will move everyone in […]

Iced Coffee, Extra Smooth

Last week <Caffeine> -finally- downed Rotface. I wasn’t in the run. We’d been late getting home from visiting family. I’m -really- really- pleased that the guild was able to down Rotface without either myself or my honey (a guild tank) in the run. I have […]

ICC with a side of Mocha

This last week <Caffeine> had a group complete OS+3 for the achievement, mount and titles. I wasn’t in that group (I was getting ready to record TNB) but I hope to be in future OS+3 runs. We’re also progressing through ICC nicely. We downed the […]

Highly Caffinated

On Sunday <Caffeine> downed Saurfang in ICC-10. Everything was firing correctly and we had enough DPS. We were: Heimd√§ll(pally tank), Dudu(pally tank), Kradokk(druid healer), Valkyriana(pally healer), Reima(ele shaman), Zestor(mage), Flashback(mage), Drkrogue(rogue), Lilac(warlock), and Lapester (ret pally) The /lore after Saurfang went down still makes me […]

First Foray into ICC

My guild, <Caffeine> started on ICC-10 this week. Our ICC-10 Lower Spire Strategy notes. The first night we got Lord Morrowgar down but got stuck on Lady Deathwhisper. Her AOEs were just tearing up our melee dps. The second night we got Deathwhisper and Chess.. […]


Well it’s done. I submitted my list of names to Blizz and it turns out my number 1 choice (Defiant) was taken (.. it appears to be held by a lowbie toon. How annoying!) so they went with my number 2 choice. So my guild […]

A guild by any other name…

Last night I filed a /gm ticket about our guild name. The guild was named “USSR” and the guild population agreed that we didn’t love the name. We’ve asked friends to report it.. but that wasn’t doing us any good. So last night I bit […]