Impish by nature


Enemy’s Gate is Down

I think I need to start making crib sheets for raid/dungeons. We ran Heroic Occulus.. and none of use could clearly remember any of the boss fights. I think I’ll start a set of Crib Sheets here and on the new guild site so that […]

Pugging with gritted teeth

The good part about being in a very annoying PUG that faceplants repeatedly on Faction Champions is that I got a lot of time to work on/think about how to handle the fight and more specifically the tree druid. The pug itself was uber annoying.. […]

How I became GM of an unnamed guild.

My guild that I’ve been in since the day that I joined WoW went BOOM about 3 weeks ago. It happened for many reasons.. let’s leave it at the fact that it happened. The outcome is that <West Kingdom> is now styled as a “Social […]

Eenie Meanie Miney Moe

So.. you’re the raid leader.. it’s 15 minutes to raid time.. you have 15 people signed up for a 10 man raid how do you decide who to bench?

People not just Players (Alliance/Khaz Modan)

My guild is recruiting.. but be sure to read the message. Don’t just skim.. or read it part way. Read the whole thing. If you’re still interested.. we’re on Alliance-side Khaz Modan (medium pop, alliance heavy PVE server) and run primarily on West Coast time.

Guild First: Ignis 10

West Kingdom (and two members from our guild alliance with Art of War) went into Ulduar-10 and took down a new boss. Finally we downed Ignis. We were: Heimdal (Protection Paladin), Dudu (Protection Paladin), Muriden (AoW)(Resto Druid), Persephany (Priest), Paligor (Holy Paladin), Sibiy (SV Hunter), […]

Guild First: Malygos 10

Finally, we managed to get Malygos down. On the night he fell we did 6 attempts. Nights before that normally went to 10-12 attempts. When he finally fell out of the sky Vent went wild with cheering. Happy day. Do you know how hard it […]

Guild First: XT002

Last night for the first time ever West Kingdom downed XT002 in Ulduar-10. If you look very carefully at the picture you’ll notice a distinct lack of gnomish presence. For this fight I was asked to bring my Pally as a healer. I feel terribly […]

Guild First: Uld-10 Razorscale

Last night we formed up and tromped off to Ulduar-10. Two weeks ago the guild went into Uld-10 and downed Flame Leviathan (I wasn’t there) So although last night was a Nibuca first on Flame Leviathan, it wasn’t a guild first. Anyway, we one-shotted Flame […]

Flame Leviathan take one

Last night we formed up a 25-man and made our first attempt on Ulduar. We zoned in.. and then after a brief discussion jumped on vehicles and started banging up the place. On my first go I ended up as the gunner on a Demolisher. […]