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5 things

Idle 5: Pugs, DKP and Raiding

1. DPSing in a raid after being on vacation is kind of surreal. My fingers remember what to do much better than my head. Add to that, it’s all so very very pretty. I’m still a little distracted by how pretty the game is. 2. […]

Five Things: Scribbles of ideas

These things are cool.. but not really enough (yet) to string out into a full post.. so I’ll babble about them and see what comes. Thing 1:Nameplates On the 3.3 PTR they’re making nameplates visible from further away.. and not jump around.. and pay attention […]

5 Things: Brewfest

Brewfest is in full swing.. if you’re not doing it.. you should be. Rather than being yet another blog posting about how to do the achievements/get your tickets instead I’m going to just highlight my five favorite things.