Impish by nature


Darksiders II

I don’t play it.. in fact I really don’t know what platform it’s for.. but this parody(?) of the game trailer made me LOL. As an aside: epic pony of green fire-ness. /want.

Because it made me snortle

This: Reminded me of this: Also of interest: “Why do you hate the shape of breasts in plate armor so much?”


I make this look good. You know.. for a female goblin shaman wearing a sex and race changing wizard hat of days gone by. Booyaka!

Innit Purty?

It was totally worth the mindless grind of not doing PVP in a PVP zone to get it. Totally.


Blizzard Peon: Sir.. Ghostcrawler: Yes, what is it? You’re interrupting my lunch {Sips gin} Blizzard Peon: Sir.. the plebs have noticed that the Succubus does the best damage.. and Sir.. they’re all summoning her. Ghostcrawler: What?? All of them? What about Demonology they have that.. […]

Sneaky sneaky little hordie

I spy with my little eye.. something .. off. Note the “killable” cinderbloom. Sneaky little flagged hordie. Just goes to show, you should never kill plants!

Mage vs Warlock

[First posted on Sept 1, 2009.. I ran across it, it made me laugh, so I’m reposting it] On Twitter, Adam Holisky (a writer for wondered: Why do Warlocks hate Mages, and Mages hate Warlocks? You’d think they’d want to have each others babies.

Food buff

We’re in our first raid and everytime we wipe I eat my food like a good little raider. I’m currently eating Severed Sagefish Head and everytime I sit to eat I gleefuly sing in my head: FISH HEADS FISH HEADS ROLY POLY FISH HEADS FISH […]

Plot Point: Millhouse Manastorm

* * * * SPOILERS!! FLEE NOW!!! * * * *

“Midnight release”

From a blue post: You should be able to purchase [the expansion] at midnight Eastern (at participating retailers) and then would be able to play at midnight Pacific Standard Time. (3a.m. Eastern) Some east coasterner’s are gonna be PISSED that they stood in line in […]