Impish by nature


Petty Peeves

I should not have to log out of the game to update the armory to see if I have any little red exclamation points telling me I missed a gem or an enchant. That should be built into the game UI. If I have reforged […]

Tol Barad

I’m fairly clueless about PVP.. but I like doing the TB Raid. Unfortunately we’re on a Horde dominated server.. and the Horde seems to hold TB 80% of the time. So I’m checking in.. what am I supposed to be doing? Am I doing it […]


I’m trying to be grown up about this.** I said I wouldn’t panic until the full patch notes were published. Well.. they’re published.. and I’m kinda pulling a full /sadface. Things that make me have a sadface: – Fel Armor now increases the warlock’s maximum […]


Once upon a time.. a long long time ago I played Myst. It was a strategy game. you solved puzzles to solve the game. I don’t think I ever finished it.. I lost interest. BUT I distinctly remember this one part where I’m wandering around […]

Rogues should all DIAF

Tol Barad, those bastards, have my trinket. Not only that, they won’t give it to me until I do a LOT of their dirty work. I’m covered in spider gunk, up to my ears in fish and have splinters from all the lumber. I’ve cleared […]

Just so we’re clear

ram·e·kin [ram-i-kin] -noun 1. a small dish in which food can be baked and served. Ramkahen [ram-ka-hen] – noun 1. The cat-like people of Ramkahen are the descendants of the Tol’vir, guardians of Uldum. Though they’ve lost their stone bodies, protecting the secrets of the […]

.. on the way out of Vashj’ir

A funny thing happened on the way out of Vashj’ir. As I mentioned I was at 145/160 quests.. and perplexed about where the find the remaining 15 quests. After a short little research jaunt I shrugged and just moved onto to Maelstrom/Deepholm figuring I’d circle […]

Our story so far…

So this one night.. I heard there was going to be a Cataclysm! and I prepared myself and girded my loins. I’d been fighting elemental invasions in Stormwind, it seemed the thing to do. I was totally prepared for all Hellfire to break loose.. Instead.. […]

For the birds…

Having walked Azeroth for a day an a half.. I can say with total authority.. that this walking stuff is for the birds. So I will be finally grinding out my last 18 champion seals to get the silly Argent Tournament Tabard so I can […]

Stuff and things

Game got boring (raiding, more raiding, raiding, more raiding, etc, etc). Guild got all blow’d up. It’s old news now. I’m over it. I took a break (well duh obviously). I lost weight and sewed some stuff and thought about why I hadn’t done that […]