Impish by nature



I’ve finally posted my cheatsheet for Throne of Tides. Now I know if you’re breezing through that instance it will be old news.. but I wanted to mention one boss in particular, Mindbender.. the headsucker boss. I’ve been through Throne of Tides quite a few […]

Dungeon Cheatsheets

HI all, I haven’t done many of the dungeons yet.. and I’m still 1 point away from being able to do heroics.. but for the dungeons I have done I’ve compiled a cheat sheet. Comments welcomed. The Vortex Pinnacle Halls of Origination NOTE: the asshats […]

Dog wipes raid

The WoW Gods hate us. Blow #1: We’ve been trying to do ToGC for a while. Every time we put it up we don’t have enough signups. When asked people said it was just an inconvenient time/night/something came up. So we rescheduled it to Tuesday […]

Kinetic Bombs Suck

Ok so we’re working on the Blood Princes. The fight itself seems pretty easy. Avoid the bad stuff and hit whoever has a health bar until they all die. The thing is.. there’s ALOT of other stuff going on all at the same time to […]

Rotface Strategy Notes

<Caffeine> was stuck on Rotface for 6 weeks. That’s six weeks of death by goo. That’s a lot of time to faceplant on the same boss. Gave me a lot of time to read a lot of strategies.. and a lot of different things to […]

Raid Balance

The second boss in Icecrown Citadel (ICC) is Lady Deathwhisper, a Lich (I’m tempted to say “Lich Bitch” but that just seems mean). For phase one she puts on a mana shield and summons adds (3 adds per side in 10-man). Your raid team has […]

Raiding 101: AGGRO!

We have new players coming up in the world.. and for the most part they’ve solo’d their way to 80.. and now they’re starting into raids.. so I wanted to run through the basics of Aggro (and maybe more to follow). If you already know […]

Hodir Strategy Notes

– Turn on your in-game sound. He has two skills that you can time based on the audio “Winds of the North” and “AUGHGHGGHHH”. – When he says “Winds of the north”. You look around and find the large runes. Move towards them but not […]

Razorscale and Ignis Strategy Notes

More random notes/observations from Ulduar-10. Though I don’t see any reasons these notes wouldn’t hold true in Uld-25.

Flame Leviathan and XT-002 Strategy Notes

We’re muddling our way through Ulduar. In the past few days I’ve seen the following bits of information that struck me. I wanted to note them here so I wouldn’t lose track of them.