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Sneaking into Thunder Dome

Sneaking into Thunder Dome

On Sunday I finally got a chance to log in and try out the new 5.2 Shadow-Pan Assault stuff. In general I like the dailies.. honestly I -love- being a leaping lizard. In specific.. I dislike doing dailies that don’t result in an immediate reputation […]

I can haz Epic Neck?

I can haz Epic Neck?

I logged into AskMrRobot this morning to see what new updates are available and where best to spend my valor/justice points after the patch and I spotted a link that says “Get a level 522 neck TODAY!” Yes please. The sad part, for me, is […]

Whar’s ma DPS.. AGAIN?

I picked up Mists of Pandaria ~3 months after the initial launch. It took me 1 month to level to 90. Considering I was only leveling a few days a week.. and I took a week or so off when my video card died and […]

Scenarios: A Little Patience

Yeah.. ok I don’t get it. At some point while leveling I picked up the quest “A Little Patience” which wanted to send me into a scenario. I held onto it for a few days.. first off, I am still kind of puzzled about what […]

I could have been a contender…

On Monday it occurred to me that I’ve been getting Valor points in doing my tiller daily quests.. and I started to wonder, “Do I have any other currencies? and are they in danger of capping?”. I finally figured out how to open my currency […]

Ding 90

My warlock ding’d 90 on Friday, February 1, 2013 on some random quest at the start of the Townlong Steppes. First step: train Pandaran flying. I’m surprised how much I missed it. In fact I missed it MORE after I ran back to the old […]

Vale of Eternal Meh

Last night I had a grump. I’m playing through Kun-Lai Summit and I got to the part where I saw the opening of the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. [ Aside: So.. ok. The gate is now open. I’m just going to keep […]

A tale of critters and battle pets

I hit 89 last night. Again it kind of snuck up on me. While questing, I spotted a gold dot for a flower. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before.. but I’m one of -those- people when it comes to flowers.. you know, people […]

Demonic Gateway.. situational.. but interesting

Questing along I dinged 87 and barely noticed.. it turns out I also didn’t notice a new spell which showed up on my toolbar: Demonic Gateway Last night I was mulling over my toolbar trying to improve my casting sequence (ie, make it less awkward […]

Mutterings About Shadowflame

Shadowflame Ok.. so a while back they gave me -this-. I’ve successfully ignored it.. for a long time. I mean gimme a break.. it’s cast in melee range.. blegh. BUT TPTB (mostly EJ) say that casting it as part of your rotation will increase your […]