Impish by nature


Raiding Happiness is…

Engulfing Magic + Full Row of dots.. + 3x Shadow Embrace + Boss below 25% + Drain Soul Twice I grinned from ear to ear.

Cataclysm Raiding First Blood

Last night my raid group downed our first raid boss of Cataclysm. Individually some of us -had- already downed the boss in Tol Barad.. but to be honest that hardly feels like a “real” raid boss. Anyway, last night we finally downed Halfus Wyrmbreaker in […]

Fel flame and Unstable Affliction

Fel flame is an instant cast which does some damage and will add 6 seconds onto the duration of your unstable Affliction. (Idly: I wonder how that’s effected by haste.. and by added dots as a result of haste) Unstable Affliction has a 1.5 second […]

Musical pets

I suppose choice is good… but it’s no secret that I really love my felpuppy. In BC we ran with our succubus because that’s what you did. In Wrath we finally got our puppy back. At 4.01 we were encouraged to go back to our […]

“DI THE TANK!!!”**

Dark Intent – Can only be cast in a party (which makes it very hard to setup power auras and to test with). – Gives you and your target each 3% haste. – When you (or the linked target) gets a dot/hot crit the other […]

Food buff

We’re in our first raid and everytime we wipe I eat my food like a good little raider. I’m currently eating Severed Sagefish Head and everytime I sit to eat I gleefuly sing in my head: FISH HEADS FISH HEADS ROLY POLY FISH HEADS FISH […]

Living outside the box

Today seems to be the day to noodle about warlock macros.. Check out Fulguralis and Cynwise. I wanted to follow the crowd.. but realize my macros are a home.. and I am not.. So instead.. I made a How-to for Argaloth. He’s not terribly hard.. […]

Pretty Pretty Trinkets

I think of all the armor slots I hate trinkets the most. It’s because it’s hard to compare “occasionally hits target with shadowy damage” vs “summons a minion to fight at your side” vs “very very occasionally gives you god-like int.. but then is on […]

What I did on my vacation

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or holiday of your choosing) and a Happy New Year. I was a horrible sloth and spent way too much time WoWing over the holiday. On my vacation I: – completed the Loremaster of Cataclysm – completed my […]

“Teeny-tiny teeth…”

I’ve been an adventurer for a while.. 85 seasons.. and in all that time I’ve been asked to do some pretty despicable things.. I tortured a man.. I (accidentally) killed puppies.. heck, I’m not even ashamed to say it.. I’ve dug through poop (a few […]