Impish by nature



Teksloot is another Tekkhub addon. It slims down the loot window and adds information about who rolled what. In the example, 4 people rolled disenchant. Mousing over the option shows you who rolled what.

Outfitter + Pawn

We had too many ranged DPS sign up for ICC this week. I volunteered to sit out. I’ve gone on most of the guild runs and it’s only fair. The group did great even without me. They burned through all of the lower spire, festergut […]


Technically Ventrilo isn’t an addon. It’s an external program you can use in conjunction with World of Warcraft. From Wikipedia – Ventrilo: Ventrilo is a proprietary VoIP program which allows users to talk to each other, similar to a telephone conference call, but the conference […]

Addon: PallyPower

From the Curse page: “Pally Power is an add-on that provides an interactive and easy to use interface that allows you to control assignments of blessings for yourself and, if you are a party leader or an assistant, for other paladins in your group or […]

Addon: DrainSoulTimer

DrainSoulTimer is a fairly simple addon. It can make a sound when your target enters “execute” range (below 25%) and fire a sound when a Drain Soul ticks. At the time of this writing the most updated version is found in WowInterface and is compatible […]

Addon: RankWatch

The Rankwatch addon will notify you if you or a party/raid member are using down-ranked spells. That is when you cast a lower rank spell than the top-most rank available to you. Back in the “old days” downranking spells allowed you to cast spells for […]

Addon: Elitist Group

Elitist Group is an addon that reviews your pug members and give you a couple of different standards to judge your group mates. It also allows you to make notes about each group member after a run. I’m not sure if it does the same […]


Overachiever is an addon that tries to help you complete achievements. It does this by adding helpful notes to tooltips and by adding a couple of tabs to your achievements window. In the picture I have moused-over the Glassfin Minnow School on the map, and […]

Addon: FriendsWithBenefits

Simple addon today.. don’t even have a screenshot.. but that’s because this one works silently without any fancy UIs. FriendsWithBenefits (written by Tekkub) automatically keeps your friend list in sync across alts and adds alts to your friend list for easy mailing. That’s it. Simple.

WTB Inspector Addon

I’m looking for an addon. I’ve tried a few but I’m looking for input from you. I want to be able to inspect someone and see: – their spec numbers (without having to actually view their whole tree) – whether they’re at defense cap for […]