Dungeons & Raids

Mists of Pandaria

A Brewing Storm
Arena of Annihilation
Brewmoon Festival
Crypt of Fortotten Kings
Greenstone Village
Theramore’s Fall
Unga Ingoo
A Little Patience (A)
Assault on Zan’vess
Dagger in the Dark (H)
Domination Point(H)
Lion’s Landing(A)

Temple of the Jade Serpent (85-86), located in eastern Jade Forest
Stormstout Brewery(86-87), located in western Valley of the Four Winds
Mogu’shan Palace(87-90), located in Vale of Eternal Blossums
Shadow-pan Monastery(87-90), located in Kun-Lai Summits
Siege of Niuzoa Temple(90H), located on a western island in Townlong Steppes
Gate of the Setting Sun(90H), located in Vale of Eternal Blossums
Scarlet Halls(90H), located in Trisfal Glades
Scarlet Monastery(90H), located in Trisfal Glades
Scholomance(90H), located in Western Plaguelands

10/25 man raids:
Mogu’shan Vaults(90), located in Kun-Lai Summit
Heart of Fear(90+), located in the Dread Wastes
Terrace of Endless Spring(90+), located on the Veiled Stair

Leveling Flow:


Blackrock Caverns(80-81), located inside Blackrock Mountain near the entrance to Blackrock Spire
Throne of the Tides(80-81), in the Abyssal Depths of Vashj’ir
Vortex Pinnacle(82-84), in the Skywall above the southern sea of Uldum
Stonecore(82-84) in Deepholm above the Throne of Earth
Lost City of the Tol’vir(85) in the center of Uldum
Halls of Origination(85) in the eastern temple in Uldum
Grim Batol(85) on the hill overlooking the Wetlands in Twilight Highlands
Deadmines (85H) in Westfall
Shadowfang Keep(85H) in Silverpine Forest
Abyssal Maw(85+)

10/25 man raids:
Baradin Hold(85+) unlocked through PvP battle on Tol Barad
Blackwing Descent(85+)
Bastion of Twilight(85+)
Throne of the Four Winds(85+)
Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj(85++)
Stratholme – Main Gate (85++)
Stratholme – Service Gate (85++)
War of the Ancients(85+++)

Leveling Flow:

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