Cataclysm 5-mans

Link to video about finding the entrances

Blackrock Caverns(80-81), located inside Blackrock Mountain near the entrance to Blackrock Spire
Throne of the Tides(80-81), in the Abyssal Depths of Vashj’ir
Vortex Pinnacle(82-84), in the Skywall above the southern sea of Uldum
Stonecore(82-84) in Deepholm above the Throne of Earth
Lost City of the Tol’vir(85) in the center of Uldum
Halls of Origination(85) in the eastern temple in Uldum
Grim Batol(85) on the hill overlooking the Wetlands in Twilight Highlands
Deadmines (85H) in Westfall
Shadowfang Keep(85H) in Silverpine Forest
Abyssal Maw(85+)

Blackrock Caverns

Throne of the Tides

The Throne of Tides is a level 82-84 5-man dungeon located inside the Abyssal Depths, in Vashj’ir. The mobs consist of naga, deep murlocs, elementals and servants of the Old Gods.

Trash notes:
Spiritmenders are healers and should be CCd or killed first.
Gilgoblin Aquamages cast a tidal wave which can do significant damage if multiple waves are cast in succession.

Lady Naz’jar
At 66% and 33% she will go into phase two after a set amount of time the fight will return to phase one.
Phase one: interrupt her “Sonic Blast”(30 sec? cooldown). Don’t stand in blue or green bad on the ground.
Phase two: CC adds and then kill them (recommend CC the casters at least). Avoid the blue tornadoes.

Commander Ulthok
Casters to the center of the room. Tank kites boss around the edge of the room and moves him so that the tank and melee can avoid the void zones. Boss will drop void zones which expand. Don’t stand in void zone. If the boss yanks you to him, return to your spot ASAP.

Mindbender Ghur’sha
Phase 1: Interrupt Lava Bolt, move out of spikes.
Phase 2(50%):Move out of green stuff.
Everyone but the tank can and should LOS the purple beams with the columns (avoid aoe damage).
When the boss is on a party member’s head burn it down to 50% to get it off the party member. If you are too slow the party member will be decapitated. That said, be careful about putting powerful dots on it as the dots will be left on the party member after the boss leaves.
Do not cast magical damage on the boss when he has “Absorb Magic”(5 second duration, 1.5 second cast) up (heals the boss).
The boss casts “Absorb Magic” ALOT and very intermittently. Be very careful that you’re not healing the boss up to full while you’re DPSing him.

Removing Absorb Magic: Mage: spellsteal, Hunter: Tranq Shot, Warlock: Felhunter, Priest: dispell, warrior: Shield Slam

My Power Aura for Absorb Magic (also works for spell reflect). When Absorb Magic (or a spell reflect) is up a red scary face will show in the middle of the screen. Stop casting.

Phase 1: Kill the adds.
Phase 2: Kill the sappers (channelling on the boss). Tank needs to kite the blight beasts. Stay out of the black stuff.
Phase 3: Kill the last of the blight beasts that are up, then DPS Ozumat (suctioned onto the side of the room). DPS quickly and use damage mitigation or self-healing to help out the healer.

Vortex Pinnacle

The Vortex Pinnacle is a level 82-84 5-man dungeon located inside the Skywall, in Uldum. The mobs consist of elementals, dragons and dragonkin.

Trash notes:
Adepts heal.
Pull Young Storm Dragons out of the green circle. (stand in it in heroics)

Grand Vizier Ertan
Oneliner: Run to the middle. Heal through the tornadoes in the middle.

Oneliner: Your haste changes depending on the direction of the wind. If you’re not the tank, don’t stand in front of the dragon.

OneLiner: Spread out to avoid lightning damage. Boss casts a triangle. Stand in it or die.
Heroic: When he casts Static Cling, jump. If someone gets it, cleanse Static Cling
Other methods: blink, Gnome racial, human racial, hand of freedom, druid shapeshifting, ice block, bubble.


The Stonecore is a level 82-84 5-man dungeon located high in the central pillar of the Temple of Earth in Deepholm. The mobs consist of humanoid Twilight Cult members, elementals, and dragons.

– Spread out
– Dispel Dampening Wave
– move out of shards (kill them quickly in heroic)
– grab adds in underground phase
– dont stand on shaking/smoking ground in underground phase
Oneliner: Don’t stand in stuff, kill adds, kill boss.

– Don’t stand in shadows, don’t stand in lava.
– Be aware, spikes break line of sight.
Oneliner: Don’t stand in stuff, watch LoS.
Heroic: use spikes to break line of sight during Crystal Storm

– Tank with your back to the wall. Run/strafe out of “Ground Slam”.
– Melee/tank should not attack during “Elementium Shield Spike”. On Heroic Melee/tank should attack just enough to get the bleed to avoid Paralyze.
– Casters should not attack during “Elementium Bulwark”. On Heroic casters should reflect a dot on themselves to avoid Paralyze.
– When he casts Shatter, stop DPS and move away (15 yards) from the boss.
– On heroic, healers should make sure to dot themselves to avoid Paralyze.
– On Heroic, if anyone is hit by Paralyze it needs to be dispelled.
– On Heroics: Warrior Tank, avoid shield slam. The dispell will mess with Bulwark. Hunters may need to melee to get bleed. Paladins may need glyph of Exorcism and use Exorcism to get a dot.
Oneliner: Watch for damage reflect. Run out of “shatter” and “ground slam”.
Heroic: Avoid or dispel Paralyze

High Priestess Azil
– Interrupt Force Grip.
– When she’s on the altar, watch for falling rocks. Avoid them. Move out of the rumbly ground.
– Move out of the Gravity Well. Try and kite the adds across a well it should damage or kill them.
Oneliner: Don’t stand in stuff. Kill the boss, kill the adds, watch for falling rock.

Lost City of the Tol’vir

Halls of Origination

The Halls of Origination is a level 85 5-man dungeon located a huge pyramid in the eastern portion of Uldum. The mobs consist of troggs, elementals, and tol’vir.

Trash notes:
– Kill the really big mobs first; immune to CC
– Shadowlancers are dangerous; CC or kill quickly.
– Humanoid and elemental CC is most essential.

Temple Guardian Anhuur
– When boss shields, one dps on each side(two total) will drop down and flip the levers then run back upstairs.
– Interrupter upstairs interrupts boss’s hymn. Kill boss.
Oneliner: During shield, 1 DPS jump down left 1 dps jump down right and flip levers. Then interrupt Hymn.
Heroic: Whole group goes down on one side. One DPS flips lever while the rest AOE snakes. Then go to other side and repeat. Then run back up to to interrupt Hymn.

Dearthrager Ptah
– Ride camels for achievement and immunity to quicksand.
– Boss places spikes underfoot that dismount you – avoid.
– Kill adds during add phase.

– Alpha Strike places void zone that stay the whole fight. Tank should be careful about placing these.
<h – Heavy group healing during omega beams; stacking may help.

– Kill sparks asap.
– Dodge laser beam.
– Everyone face away when she casts supernova or get blinded.
– Splits into parts twice; kill Astral Rain first time, then Celestial Call.

– Kill seed pods ASAP; they heal the boss. They don’t show healthbars.

– Burn portals ASAP.
– Try to avoid Vezax-style shadow crash attack.
– Tank will accumulate Sentinels over the fight; don’t bother to kill.
– Tank can kite sentinels and take no damage with the help of dps snares.

– Trash note: Revenants spawn adds when they die unless they are stunned at the time.
– Spread out.
– Interrupt “Summon Sun Orb”.
– Move out of flame pool (Inferno Leap).
– When he channels “Blessing of the Sun” collapse together to make healing easier(optional). All damage done to him while he’s channeling is increased 100% so DPS hard.
Oneliner: Don’t stand in stuff. Spread out. Interrupt “Summon Sun Orb”

Grim Batol


Shadowfang Keep

Abyssal Maw

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